DIY t-shirt quilt - step four, quilting and binding

What a glorious feeling it is to finish a quilt, I adore it. I think that superb feeling is what gets us quilters through to the end. We may be at a tedious point but we remember that flush of pleasure of the finished product and we keep going. So let’s do it, let’s finish this quilt up. The final blog post, DIY t-shirt quilt – step four, quilting and binding.

T-shirt quiltre s4 1Before I could put this quilt on the longarm, I had to create a back.

Joe said it was OK with him if the back was modern. Smile!

The trick to making a modern back is to not having enough material for a traditional back. In the supply list in post one, I provide enough yardage for an all one t shirt quiltre s 4 2fabric back. Simply sew the fabric together to create a back which is at least 4″ longer and wider than your quilt top on all four sides.

I had two yards of the striped fabric, about .75 yard of the green, a yard of the dark blue and a few other scraps. I used every bit of it and jiggled it around to create this back. I would suggest you just do a regular back unless you are like me and sometimes like to make your life more exciting. I cut the 2 yards in half, created a middle panel to put in there and also fiddled with the two halves. I am really thrilled with it.

There is no set way to make a modern back, you just play with the fabric you have, cutting and sewing, cutting and resewing until you have something you like.

And this back?  I like it!

t shirt quiltre s4 3I loaded the back on the longarm, then the batting and finally the quilt top.

If you do not have a longarm, you need to stop and think about how you are going to finish this quilt.

You have a top and a back, you could take those to a professional longarm quilter to be quilted. This is what I suggest you do and what I used to do myself. I had two t-shirt quilts quilted in large meander. It may seem expensive to you but it’s a whole lot cheaper than buying your own longarm.

I decided to quilt my in a series of squares and rectangles. t shirt quiltre s 4 4If you are extremely proficient at quilting on your domestic machine I am sure you could do this without a problem. I was never a big t shirt quiltre s4 6domestic machine quilter, so I would have problems with all that quilt being moved around.

And here is the lovely t-shirt quilt, yay! It’s pieced, it’s quilted and it’s bound.  Pant Pant, I am pleased I got it finished before we go visit Shelby. But should I give it to Joe or save it until after I shown it at guild? Oh you know I will give it to him, I have no patience.

I bound it by machine with just encasing the corners. I didn’t do a continuous binding. It looks good on this rugged manly t-shirt quilt. I had to go back and resew it to catch the back in a few spots. I love my clover clips but I guess I am still mastering them. t shirt quiltre s4 7

The front is pretty traditional, it’s a t-shirt quilt after all.  But the fabrics are from Crimson Tate which is a funky modern quilt store so I think it gives it a modern sprinkle.

But check out the back, yeah now that’s whole wave of modern and I love it. Sew happy!@

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