DIY Shower Robe Tutorial

Diana Nyad really captured my imagination when she recently completed a swim from Cuba to Florida. I am no athlete but I swim after Aqua Exercise twice a week.  When I am inspired by someone, I sew something in their honor! I had to dig up my swimming fabric, now what to make? How about something for when I go to the pool? I had made a shower robe about a decade ago so I decided to make a new one. How about if you make one also? You need a big towel, elastic, velcro and at least a half yard of fabric.  Follow along with this DIY shower robe tutorial.

Step One:srre2

Srre3Cut a strip which will encase the elastic, front and back. I had pretty wide elastic so I made mine 4.5″ wide. I cut two strips to be sure it would be big enough.

Step Two:

Cut a strip the same dimension for the front decoration. My fabric was direction so I had to cut this going the lengthwise not the cross way of the fabric.Srre4 Sew both strips right sides together and turn inside out. They are ready to be used now.

Step Three:

Sew the top raw edge to the top of the towel which is going to show. (I have my shower robe so the Srre5top part is the part which is attached by my left arm so I can grab the velcro with my right hand.

Step Four:

Zig zag strip down along the edge of towel. Sew both sides. Clip threads.

Step Five: Srre8 – the straps

Straps are optional as it will close with velcro but I like having them. Cut a 4.5 to 6.5 wide piece of fabric, depending on how wide you want it. Fold lengthwise sides in, press. Fold again and stitch.

Srre9Then attach straps where you think they will be comfortable for you. I suggest pinning them on the towel and trying it on. Most of the back will be gathered in elastic.

Step Six:

I did not have wide velcro so I attached a double row. Be careful that you have the velcro on the back side of the front overlapping towel and the front of the bottom piece. I zigzagged it on. Srre12

Step Seven:

Use the zig zag to attach top casing. Only stitch it from Velcro to Velcro. You will be sewing it down Srre13once the elastic is inside the casing.

Step Eight:

Using a safety pin, work the elastic all the way through to the other end. This is an even bigger pain than turning those tubes of fabric inside out. Try the robe on and adjust the elastic to your comfort.

Step Nine: Srre14

Attach the elastic really well on both ends. . Really really well. Now you are ready to sew down the rest of the casing.

Srre15Step Ten:

Cut off the remaining casing on the back side leaving a bit to fold over. Fold it over and sew it down. Sew the other side down like you originally sewed on the casing. Fold over the raw edge at the end of the table.

And you’re done! Srre16

Pretty darn easy, make one for a friend. Watch for sales on fun, big towels. You could make them for kids but use a smaller towel and you could decorate it more.

This will fit you whereas a commercial shower robe might not because you are making it to your size!

Sew happy!

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