8 reasons NOT to buy a fake t-shirt quilt from PB Teen

I love t-shirt quilts, love them. I have made four of them with another in the planning stages. In fact I just completed a four part series on how to make your own that’s how much I want to spread the word. You can catch step one right here! Now I realize that not everyone can or wants to sew, I get it. There are tons of great choices for bedding out there. If you still wanted a t-shirt quilt and weren’t able to sew one, there are many people who earn a living making t-shirt quilts. But whatever you do, don’t buy a fake T-shirt quilt.. Here are 8 reasons NOT to buy a fake t-shirt quilt from PB Teen.

u of i1. T-shirts quilts are a personal collection. My daughter has one from her years at Korean Camp and another which reflect her experiences in college. It is a part of who she is, not some random shirts camp pridedesigned to promote a snowboard company, and she loves to snowboard. A fake T-shirt quilt is like buying a pre written diary. Who does that?

2. Fake items devalue real ones. A person flips through a Pottery barn catalog, spies a Burton “t-shirt quilt” and thinks, wow I can get the whole thing for 219.00.  Why would that lousy quilter want so much money to make one? At a quick glance and seeing the title you can miss that it’s screen printed and mass produced.fake I look at this Burton fake quilt and it makes me cringe. Cringe I tell you. You can look at the whole spread here and cringe with me.

3. There are plenty of other choices out there. You can get duvets, cotton, flannel, plaid, solid and everything else. Why create a fake t-shirt quilt? Why try to pretend you have something you don’t?

4. Kids with real t-shirt quilts will feel sorry for your kid. They will.  They will think, didn’t that poor kid have anyone who cared enough to get him something authentic?

img315. Your bed will look like a pathetic wannabe. Your bed will shout, I want to be a t-shirt quilt but I’m not. But I so wannabe!

6. Your child will never make his bed. Shame will cause your child to leave the bed a complete mess so that no one will see this sham of a quilt. (Did you catch the bed pun there?)

7. I will be really mad at you. Really mad.no crying

8. Real t-shirt quilts make people happy. Fake ones make them sad. Everyone gets a good night’s sleep with a real one and wakes up with fresh breath. Look at my happy family with a real one. Enough said.

Real t-shirt quilts are great. Read post two right here. And while you’re at it read post three.  Heck here’s post four. Make your own or buy a regular bedspread. Just don’t buy a fake T-shirt quilt!

OK, rant over.

Real t-shirt quilts make me Sew happy!

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