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Sew many mentors

ChicagoNow is once again having a blogapalooza, where we get an hour to write on an assigned topic. Tonight’s topic is the following. “Write about a time you helped someone, or a time that you received help.” This topic is almost too easy because in my life I have been very fortunate to receive help... Read more »

DIY Little Girl Fall dress

The Royal baby is approaching her first birthday. No, not that royal baby, our Queen of all she sees, Ms. Z.  Guess who is in charge of her birthday duds? Yep, me. I have plans for some terrific birthday garb. However, I have precious little Happy Birthday fabric so I wanted to do a test... Read more »

Quilt stores on the Oregon Coast

I was sleeping in the car when I felt something. My eyes popped open and I shouted STOP the car, QUILT SHOP!
We had such a great time on our trip to Oregon that I just keep writing about it. This is post number three and each one is my favorite to write as I can remember all the great quilt stores and fabulous scenery.  This time I am showing photos from Quilt stores on the Oregon... Read more »

Halloween costume fail?

I often have fantasies of how things will be, taste or turn out. Over the years I sometimes  lower my expectations so I won’t be disappointed. But for Zara’s Halloween costume, I thought it would be a joy to make, a pleasure for her and possibly win costume of the year. I am here to... Read more »

I need to watch more TV

I watched a few episodes of Breaking Bad and I just couldn't stand that a teacher was being so naughty! I have missed out on many other TV shows and I feel like I lack a cultural common experience with my fellow human beings. I need to remember to watch more TV.
In some aspects of my life, I am very mainstream. I live in the suburbs. I drive a Chevy. I have a stainless steel fridge. In other ways, I feel outside the norm but I am Okay with it. Quilters are not the norm in any society and I am proud to be outside the... Read more »

Portland Quilt Stores rock

We got to have fun in Portland and the surrounding area over a very long weekend. To me, I was in the promised land for Modern Quilting so I had to visit quilt stores, yes?
Another Portland post, another quilt store, yay! I love blogging about quilt stores, it is a way to thank the owners who give so much to our quilting world and I get to throw in a few of my travel pics, win/win! Are you ready for Portland Quilt stores part two?  What, you didn’t read... Read more »

10 reasons why best part of a trip is coming home

I adore taking trips. I taught world languages for 35 years and travel was part of my career. For me, trips are three separate parts: the planning, the actual trip and coming home. I enjoy all three parts immensely but I am beginning to think that the best part of a trip is coming home.... Read more »

DIY Shower Robe Tutorial

Diana Nyad really captured my imagination when she recently completed a swim from Cuba to Florida. I am no athlete but I swim after Aqua Exercise twice a week.  When I am inspired by someone, I sew something in their honor! I had to dig up my swimming fabric, now what to make? How about... Read more »

Quilt Stores in Portland and more, part one

For me, Portland is the epicenter of the modern quilting movement.  My daugthter is going to grad school there. I have to visit, yes?
When I travel, one of my favorite things is to visit quilt stores. This was doubled when we went to Portland, Oregon. When I think modern quilting, I think Portland! I am going to write four posts about the quilt stores in Quilt Stores in Portland and more. This is part one! Look through the... Read more »

Glad I was never a hot babe - response to Maria Kang

Until I was in Jr. High I never really thought about looks. My face was my face. I kept it clean, had horrible pixie haircuts from the Beauty School and didn’t worry at all. Then I entered Jr. High and it seemed like all the girls had taken some sort of class that I had... Read more »
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