Quilt store in Woodridge, Il

I love my husband and he loves me but he also loves his siblings.  He is from a family of six who share height and hearty appetites for fried chicken.  Every season or so we gather with them and they recreate their childhood, tussle over who can eat more, tell tall tales from their youth and eat massive amounts of fried chicken.  I lack the fried chicken gene, my Mom baked it. So instead of pouting that I have to go to these frequent fowl focused family reunions, I like to make an adventure of the whole day.  Last family chicken dinner extravaganza was two hours north from our house and I planned a day of adventures on the way to poultry pleasure.

Our day began with getting gas, money and food! Whenever we start on a road trip, we have to grab breakfast for the drive at McDonald’s.  Gagging are you?  Well that’s because you’ve never had their oatmeal, it is truly delicious. We also buy our first of many bottles of water.  Next planned stop, a quilt store!  Are you surprised?  I knew you weren’t. We were off to follow the yellow brick road, or construction havoc, to a Quilt store in Woodridge, Il, Quilter’s Quest.

Flip through these pics and see what we found there and at points north.

Sew happy!

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Is this my only post about visiting quilt stores? Oh no, here’s another!

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