DIY Pillowcase tutorial

I love gorgeous, soft bed linens particularly pillowcases.  I might not be able to change my sheets every other day but just freshening the pillowcase can feel like such a luxury.  You can buy pillowcases or you can make them and they only take about 45 minutes from start to finish. Read through this DIY pillowcase tutorial and then go sew up a couple of pillowcases for yourself. Or a friend, they make great gifts and can match the season. For September, Teal Ribbons for Ovarian cancer awareness is a timely choice.

No matter what month or season it is, you need 3 fabrics which coordinate.

For the main fabric you need 3/4 of a yard or 27 inches. Tealre2

The second fabric is the top of the pillowcase.  You need 9 inches or 1/4 of a yard of this fabric.Teal re3 I got all three of my fabrics from Beautiful Quilt Fabrics.

I am making two of the same teal ribbon pillowcase so I am actually cutting out two of each piece as we go along.  I like making two sometimes, it seems only a tiny bit longer than making one.

For the third fabric you only need two inches. Unfortunately you can’t buy two inches in a fabric store so you will probably have to buy an 1/8 of a yard or 4.5 inches.Tealre4

Iron the two inch strip in half and place it along the top edge of your main fabric.  Don’t pin it yet as you are going to press a half an inch over on the long edge of your second fabric.Tealre5

Once you have ironed over that edge. you are going to place it on top of the two inch folded strip.Teal re6

As you pin, make sure you secure all three pieces of fabric. I decided to use my brand new clover clips. I am trying to get used to them as they feel very different than pins. I used them yesterday for a binding and they worked pretty well.Teal re7

It is funny how used to one product or way of doing something we get.  I am hoping with time, the clover clips will seem more natural.

Stitch along that edge, I make about a half an inch seam.  I used the clips here but I think these are better for bindings, where there is more fabric to grip onto.

Press seam so the accent fabric  is down on the main part of the pillowcase and the top fabric is up. The seam itself should be going up, towards the top part of the case.Tealre8 Irons are our friends, yes?

Flip the fabric over.  Pin the folded top of the pillow so it encases the seam you just sewed and pressed.  You are pinning on the inside but you will sew on the outside so make sure you pin the fabric so it covers the seam.Tealre9

Flip the fabric over and sew along the edge.Teal re9

If you pinned correctly, you should encase the seam on the inside and have a perfectly straight line on the outside.

Now a surprising part is that you are going to match up the side and bottom seam and sew them together with wrong sides together.Tealre10

I know this seems wrong but you will encase this seam so you have no raw edges. I would make this seam a quarter of an inch if possible.

And remember to sew along the side and bottom on the right side.  Now turn it inside out so you have the right sides together. Press.Teal re11

Sew the side and bottom together, this seam will be completely wide enough to encase the seam you just made.

You are encasing it so there are no raw seams on your pillowcase, clever yes?

When you have finished the seam, clip your threads and turn so the case it right side out again.

Voilà, your pillowcase is done. Or in my case, pillowcases.  Tealre12

I like giving them as gifts folded up like this.  And I love that this is made of teal ribbon fabrics to commemorate ovarian cancer awareness month.

You can make these cases in any fabric you like.  They are great fun to make in Halloween fabric for sleeping on in October and then use them for trick or treating.  Christmas fabrics make fun cases for sleeping on in the month of December. Tealre13

Making new pillowcases make me Sew happy!

And using TEAL fabric, even happier because it helps women learn about this silent killer. Click here for an article about symptoms.

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