Challenge quilt is finished

The challenge quilt is finished.  Aren’t you shocked?  I am because this challenge is not due until next Thursday, that is over a week away.  And I finished it, hip hip hooray.

Once I had the quilt on Gladys, I got a little nervous.  What if it doesn’t quilt up as well as I want it to?  I have to show this quilt at the guild meeting.  But then I thought, oh what the heck, I cheated by using the grey solids, that is already bad.  They can just focus on that!

ccfre2An exciting part about quilting this quilt is that I used my channel lock feature for the very first time in a quilt. I don’t know if all Longarms have this feature but my Gammill does. It locks the machine so you can only sew in a perfectly straight line.  You can have it locked for a horizontal line or a vertical one. You can see a detail of the quilting here.

This quilt was pieced with horizontal strips so I wanted to quilt it with vertical lines.  Next decision was thread. I elected to quilt it with light grey and I ccfre1wish I had put a darker color in the bobbin.  They grey shows up too clearly on the back and my thread boogers, whoa, really noticeable.  I will work on them. Oh, full disclosure there are some other quilting boo boos in this quilt. But I will focus on the positive! Here it is quilted but not bound.  Once I saw how it looked quilted, I decided I wanted a smaller border.  I cut the border down to one inch just cause I felt like that was my original vision, a thin border.

ccfre3On to the binding. I started using pins and then I thought, oh no, I have those clover clips.  I was so excited to use them, I had one upside down when I took the picture.

I have to admit, it wasn’t just automatic for me to love the clips.  First I used pins inbetween the clips and then I got into the swing of it and by the end, I was just clipping. I liked them more and more and they are fast and easy.

I did a continuous binding with mitered corners but I attached it all by machine.  This is a baby quilt, it needs those bindings really sewn down.  I had to go back and catch a few edges where it was just not quite close enough to the edge, but overall I was pleased. ccfre5

But in spite of the mistakes and regrets, I really do like this quilt. Here is the front, held up by my daughter.   I am excited to bring it to guild and most of all, to have Z sleep with it.  She sleeps here a fair amount and she needs, yes NEEDS a new quilt. I made my first quilt before I took lessons in 1981 and there was too much polyester around then. My oldest daughter had used the quilt Z uses now some 32 years ago but Z ccfre6baby is just about to get an upgrade!

Here is the back, I like the way it turned out.  Parts got clipped off and I like that also.  It has the scrappy irregular look I wanted.  And the quilt looks like my original vision! If you missed that first post you can see it here, I thought of the design in the middle of the night!

If the fabrics look familiar it’s because I originally used them in a bigger quilt.  You can see it here. I also took a more fun shot of the quilt with our pumpkins, we just started decorating for fall.


Sew happy!

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Want to see this quilt along the way?  I knew it! Here is the midway post and the finished top.

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