9 Favorite things in my sewing room

I am an empty nester, all the girls have moved out and while I was sentimental about them leaving, let’s be serious.  It was time for me to have a dedicated sewing room!  In my last house, I sewed in the basement and in this condo, I had a corner of the Master bedroom.  Two girls shared the loft and within minutes of them leaving, I was remaking it  for me.  Just ask them, they’ve gotten over their bitterness that I didn’t maintain a shrine for them.  And the last girl to leave smugly thinking her shrine was safe?  Au contraire, home office!

Just having a sewing room with fabulous machine and more fabric than any woman should really have is glorious, simply glorious.  I love every square thread filled foot of it.  But there are 9 items in there which are my current favorites.  Click through the photo gallery and see what they are.  Then you might say, Golly, those are a lot of devices to make sewing more comfortable.  Yep, cause I want to sew and quilt as long as I can go up that circular staircase to arrive there.  (And that includes if we have to install a mechanized chair.  Wouldn’t that be super fun?)

Ready for my 9 favorite things in my sewing room?  Then I want to know yours!  And we can both change our minds and add and subtract at any time.  We’re quilters, we’re allowed..

Sew happy!

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Want to see more of my sewing room, like my stash? I have a post on it, click here! I have signs in there also, take a look.

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