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Making a Dinosaur in Space

What did you make last Sunday? Anything from scraps laying around, oh say, your space station? No? Me either but Karen Nyberg has been making a dinosaur in Space. Yep, a green one. She made this cutie for her son and posted it to Pinterest. What’s that, you have yet to post a pic to... Read more »

Stitchless Sunday or how I split my lip

Sundays seem made for sewing, for stitching up everything in sight. Today I was going to finish the back for the T-shirt quilt, get it on the frame and plan the quilting. I also wanted to make a couple of small projects and possibly a couple of quilts. OK, maybe I am exaggerating a bit... Read more »

Old School Halloween Costumes

Apparently in the 1950's only one sister got the costume and it wasn't me!
I did most of my trick or treating in the 50’s and 60’s.  My kids did theirs in the 80’s and 90’s.  That makes me old and the costumes I have worn or sewn, old school.  Really old school.  I can remember reading an Erma Bombeck article where she had two ideas for costumes 1.... Read more »

Baby boomers - stop being so crabby

I am a baby boomer and have felt like I am part of a pretty special group all my life. I have traveled from diapers to grey hair surrounded by huge amounts of peers. We were born after WWII to our GI dads and their wives. Our dads wanted to forget about the war, make... Read more »

Quilting - Art or Craft? Yes

I sew and I quilt. These are relatively simple statements and actions and provide my life with much joy as well as practical product. People sometimes ask me if I consider quilting to be a craft or an art and by extension, am I a crafter or an artist.  Seemingly innocent question which deserves an... Read more »

I am not a super quilter

I read a fair amount of blogs, mainly quilting blogs but also other blogs by my fellow bloggers at ChicagoNow.  I have noticed a trend on the parenting blogs, there is a fair amount of blogging going on to make sure everyone knows this blogger is NOT a Super Mom.  What is even more interesting... Read more »

A year in the life of this quilt blogger

As I began my new blog, my youngest child left for a year in Spain, now she's back and is living in Porland. My girls, their lives and quilts have been a huge part of this year. <a href=””>Click and read.
A year and 220 posts ago I switched my blog to ChicagoNow. I have so enjoyed writing on this site and getting to know so many terrific fellow bloggers and outstanding readers. I became a reader myself as I perused my posts of the past 365 days. Those posts are a  record of a year... Read more »

DIY Pillowcase tutorial

I love gorgeous, soft bed linens particularly pillowcases.  I might not be able to change my sheets every other day but just freshening the pillowcase can feel like such a luxury.  You can buy pillowcases or you can make them and they only take about 45 minutes from start to finish. Read through this DIY... Read more »

Quilt Store in Michigan City, IN

The outside of Threadbenders makes you want to go in.  Just ignore the reflection of some crazy quilter in the window.
Apparently the secret is out, my friends know I love fabric.  Who told?  The best part about this is when someone moves to a new place and there’s a quilt store, I get an automatic invite to come visit with the added incentive of materials to be found. This very thing just happened and this... Read more »

Don't Die of Ovarian Cancer

It’s important to me that you don’t die of ovarian cancer, very important to me in fact. And if you wanted, you could help save the life of another, wouldn’t that be so wonderful?  How is that possible? It’s easy, learn these symptoms of ovarian cancer and then send them to a woman you love.... Read more »
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