Template Free Kaffe Fassett Quilt Finished

I can feel some grumbling out there in Quilting Sewing Creating land. I know, I know!  I promised that the Template Free Kaffe Fassett quilt would be finished by mid July and it is now nearly the middle of August. I was hoping you wouldn’t notice, sorry! However, good news, the quilt is now finished, yes the Template Free Kaffe Fassett Quilt Finished and I just love it.

tfkfre0Before I show you the finished quilt, let’s look at the quilting.  Yes, as a matter of fact I am proud of it, darn proud in fact.

I did pretty close quilting on this which is part of the reason it took me six weeks to get the quilting finished.  The other reasons?  Um, that would be laziness.

But I did a water fall sort of close meander on this quilt because of all the blues.  I love the way it looks but it is a bit stiff, maybe because I am not used to that much quilting.tfkfre2

I think it will be more soft and cuddly once I wash it.

Here is a picture of the quilt being held up by my husband out on the back deck. I love it!  The Kaffe Fassett fabrics really look terrific in this Blue tfkfre3Underground pattern.

I even like the back just because of the fabric.

I love all the fabrics I used in this quilt and I have oodles of them left.  Oodles I tell you which means that I could make another quilt using them. As this quilt is for my office where Zara hangs out when I watch her, I am thinking a mini Z quilt for her.

I am putting that idea on my list of things to sew. If I was the only one putting things on that list, it would be doable.  But Emily is constantly sending me pins from Pinterest.  I curse that new function.

What I am saying is that the quilt from the leftover fabrics might not be finished oh, say tomorrow. Or the day after.

I want to leave you with one more shot of this quilt, the artsy one!  I know, overkill but I truly love this quilt.


Sew happy!

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This is my fourth post about this quilt. You can see how it began by clicking here, how it developed here and when just the top was done here.

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