Stop harassing new Moms at fabric stores or anywhere else

I adored making Halloween costumes for my girls when they were little and my youngest had me making them until she left for college.  That has left me with a 6 year hiatus of no costume making.  But this year the long drought is over, I have a Granddaughter who needs a costume.  When I taught, I always got them done in the summer when I was off.  Today was August 1st, time to make the costume.

I have a collection of costume patterns saved from the last century but Emily determined that none of them were acceptable so we all set off for Joann Fabrics.  I normally buy high quality cottons from quilt stores for my fabric stash but when it comes to costumes, I am all about Joann Fabrics.  I had planned on doing a post about Zara’s costume so I had my camera along so I could show our exciting adventure from choosing to modeling.

jff1reHere is a picture of Emily looking at a pattern book and Zara pretending she is interested also.  She’s a pretty cooperative photographic subject or I just quickly snapped the picture when she happened to turn her head that way.  You may notice that Emily has her in an Ergo baby carrier. The carrier can support a baby up to 35 lbs and as baby Z is barely 16, it works great.  Emily likes having her in it in stores and Z seems to enjoy it as well.  If they’re happy, I am happy. But apparently that does not make everyone happy.

After we selected both pattern and fabric, we got in line to have the fabric cut.  I was reading the pattern to see what else we might need when a woman about my age was drawn to Emily like a teenager to a cell phone.  By this time I am being waited on and trying to talk to the clerk and listen to what is going on.  Suddenly Emily was under investigation.

“How does that carrier feel on your back? How old is your baby?
How much does she weigh? Why do you have her in there?”

I am frantically trying to get the fabric cut and listening to Emily dodging questions politely and attempting to disengage.

The shopper sniffs at my daughter and Granddaughter and pontificates, “You have no business having her in that. She’s way too old and too big to be carried like that, why when I was a Mom…”

Emily started walking towards the elastic and calls over her shoulder, “She loves her carrier.”

I ran after her and felt like the world’s worst Grandmother.  I can be an opinionated gal yet I hadn’t defended my girls!  To tell you the truth, I was so shocked I didn’t even have time to react.  Emily assured me she was glad I had not made a scene in Joann Fabrics and remarked that this happens frequently to her and her friends when they are out with their babies.

Here’s what I want to say to all the rude people out there who are giving my daughter and her friends a hard time.

Stop harassing new Moms at fabric stores or anywhere else.

Stop questioning other Mother’s choices, things are different today and each generation gets to choose the way they want to do it.

Unless you are paying for that baby’s college and getting up in the middle of the night with her, you don’t get a vote.

So all you busybodies out there, knock it off.  A pregnant woman or a new Mom is not an invitation to pass judgement and give your unwanted opinions.

Even if you are a Grandma and especially if you are the Grandma, butt out! If you can’t say a nice simple compliment then don’t say anything at all.

Walk on by and save your great advice for yourself.jff2re

Was the day ruined?  No way!  We not only got a pattern and material for a darling Duck costume, we got 2 more patterns for future Halloweens because it was all on sale!  $15.95 Simplicity patterns for 1.99!  Warm fuzzy fabrics for 40% off! Here’s some advice you can actually use – this is a great time to buy costume supplies at really good prices and have lots of time to make the darling baby a cute Duck costume.

I did still wonder, should I have stood up more for my sweethearts?  I asked my Facebook friends and got lots of love and support.  That made me feel better. What do you think, should I have told that lady off?

And making this costume will make me sew happy! And don’t worry, you will get to see the finished product by, well, October 30th at the latest!

Want to see what else happens in fabric stores and my sewing room, not to mention my head? Check out my Facebook page. Like the page and join the conversation! If you want to keep reading my blog, you can subscribe. To do so, type your email address in the box and click the “create subscription” button. That’s all, you’re done. My list is completely spam free, and you can opt out at any time.

Is this my only post about costumes?  No, I wrote one last year that you can read here.

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