Quilting challenge plus cheat - part one

I had a uber quilty day last Thursday which began with thread and ended with a quilt challenge. If you missed the post about the thread you can click here so you will be up to date on my terrific day.  And not just for quilts, I got to have tapas with a friend in-between, I told you it was a pretty darn special day.  I had been looking forward to going to a meeting of the Naperville Modern Quilt guild for a while and I finally got there. Hurray!

At the meeting I was thrilled at what cool quilters were there and the kind of work they did. I have my traditional guild and now I have a modern one, I am, wait for it, a Modern Traditionalist Quilter! At ccre1the end they decided that the quilt challenge would be to create a quilt from our scraps.  Uh oh, scraps?  Can those be leftovers I queried?  Yes, but your stash no.

I thought about this challenge on the drive home.  No, I didn’t crash the car, thanks for asking.  That night I woke up with an idea so I quickly sketched it on a pad I keep next to my bed just for this purpose.  Now this might not look like much to you, but it was an idea that had been rattling around in my head for Z, a baby quilt from my leftover Kaffe Fassett fabrics, scraps if you will. I spread them out and looked at the design.

ccre2This is where my quandary came in.  Would basic fabrics count as your stash?


Yeah, probably. Oh well, my middle of the night design needed grey so I am doing the challenge and a cheat.

ccre3I cut 16 strips of plain light grey that I bought a Yoder’s department store.  (You can read the whole adventure here.) That was all would fit on the design wall but I knew I would probably add more as the quilt went on.  I kept the grey fabric at the ready!

I decided to make them 2 1/2″ wide because it was pleasing to my eye.  I am aiming for a quilt that is about 36″ square, more or less, because that is the size of the quilt baby Z uses at home.  I am hoping she will love one here just as much as she naps here at least once a week. ccre5

I started with the leftover blocks.  I didn’t want to use the blocks themselves, I just wanted to cut them into 2.5 inch strips.  So I did. And this created more scraps.  Holy scraps, this could go on forever.  So I did what I do and I know some of you are going to fire off angry letters.

ccre4I took these scraps and I threw them away. Quilters tell me I should donate them to people who make dog beds so I think I may start a bag and do just that.  I like learning new ways to do things!

I do not save them for me however.  I cannot. I would be on an episode of Hoarders.  But that’s just me, if saving everything works for you then do it and enjoy.  I’ve seen the string quilts, they are magnificent.

I now had these strips and I had to ponder, I had to sleep on it again. ccre6

So are you with me up until now?  I had a middle of the night scribbled design.  I had leftover fabrics.  I decided the design trumped the challenge so I was cheating with grey strips.  I had cut up the blocks that were left.  And I needed a break to ponder my next step.  (Or maybe there was something on TV I wanted to watch with my husband so I left the sewing room.  One of the two.)

So far I am really enjoying my quilting challenge plus cheat. And it’s only part one!  I will give updates as I go along.  It may go a little slower than I had planned as I was offered and accepted a position as a part time adjunct Spanish Professor for this semester at a local junior college.  Spanish 102, yes!

I will teach two days a week and watch Zee baby three days a week so I will be busy. Fun!  Doing more of what I love but with less time for lolling about, playing on Facebook and blogging.  Aren’t I lucky to have so many activities in my life? And now a bit more money, I am trying to save to go on a cruise to Alaska, the last state in the US I have not visited.  Fun times and quilting ahead in my future. Have you ever been to Alaska? Any tips?

Sew happy!

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