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How to reply to any remark

"Why won't you make me a quilt? My friend's Mom makes quilts for other people." Here's the perfect reply when someone reproaches you for not doing something that another does.
Sometimes people ask me unexpected questions or say a perplexing remark.  For some comments and queries I have an answer all prepared. Will you make me a quilt? No, I don’t do commission work. Will you do this mending for me? No, I have quite the pile of my own, thanks. Will you write a... Read more »

10 Annoying sewing mistakes and how to fix them

I have been sewing a long time, a really long time, and I think I have made all the annoying sewing mistakes out there.  Sometimes when I make a really dumb mistake I just give myself a dirty look, possibly scold myself.  Other times, I have to walk away.  But most of the time I... Read more »

Returning a wallet and a favor

I had a lousy night’s sleep which means one thing, right?  Go out for breakfast!  We went to The Harvest Room in Palos Heights where they have amazing sweet potato hash and really strong coffee.  Maybe I had some fresh hot pastries with my eggs.  Maybe.  On the way home, I had my husband swing... Read more »

Staple Dress with modifications

A basic in life is a staple, yes? In our wardrobes a staple for one might be tee-shirts, for another jeans and for the swanky amongst us a little black dress. How about the rest of us, the non swanky, we need a staple dress also and this pattern is it, a fun, casual dress... Read more »

Habits of Quilt Husbands

My QH holds up quilt after quilt.  I am saying "Hold on honey, OK, tip it a little bit this way.  Wait, now the back. " He has very tired arms.
There are many husbands in this world and then there are quilt husbands.  These guys are the luckiest ones on the planet, they get to live with quilters. Many men would like this life but only a select few are chosen and my own dear husband is one of them.  By examining his life I... Read more »

Template Free Kaffe Fassett Quilt Finished

I can feel some grumbling out there in Quilting Sewing Creating land. I know, I know!  I promised that the Template Free Kaffe Fassett quilt would be finished by mid July and it is now nearly the middle of August. I was hoping you wouldn’t notice, sorry! However, good news, the quilt is now finished,... Read more »

My most influential teacher - Thank you

I got an email yesterday from my High School Spanish teacher.  That might not sound so unusual but I graduated from High School in 1971 and yep, I am still in contact with the man who taught me Spanish all four years.  I am thinking that most 60 year old retired teachers might not be... Read more »

8 month summer bib

I love writing this series of blog entries.  Each month I make baby Z a new bib to wear to celebrate her reaching a milestone in her first year.  It’s so much fun to think of what the perfect fabric would be for that month, what my theme will be.  For August I have designed... Read more »

DIY Pencil case tutorial

School supplies are part of the annual rites of late summer.  Hopefully you are getting your children’s supplies at the great sale prices and stocking up for the year. I know I am and not only do I not have any children left at home, I am retired from teaching. But did you see the... Read more »

Fall TV Show Lineup - Quiltcentric version

Quilter Trek - Adventure packed journey when Quilters boldly go where no other quilters have gone before..
The Networks are busy readying their new shows.  Traditionally many of these fledglings will barely make it out of the nest before biting the dust. We all know that Broadway, Hollywood and TV producers love nothing better than a remake or a sequel, they specialize in reviving old shows and ideas.  I think they need... Read more »