Life is a quilt, made up of good and bad

Right here, right now I love my life. In the quilt of life I am rolling in the glorious fabrics that you absolutely loved in the fabric store and had to buy immediately. I made a quilt like that for my daughter and most of the fabrics came from Hancock’s of Paducah or were hand dyed from Caryl Bryer Fallert’s studio. And I bought them all on a trip to Paducah.  What glorious places to buy fabric. But I didn’t have enough of those super fabrics, I had to fill in from my stash.  Some of the fill in fabrics were ones that Emily had rejected and maybe with reason, others that just went with the whole.

Life is like that also.  Some days are so bright and shiny wonderful they make you blink with happiness.  Others are pretty normal.  And some are rotten, you want to forget them. But you’ve lived them all; they all make up the quilt of your life.

Normally in this blog space I write about fabrics, quilts, sewing projects and the people I love who use my quilts. I wander off into my teacher mode every so often, it’s just that schoolmarm in me coming to the surface. Other times I work fabrics and quilting into subjects you might not think are related to Quilting, Sewing or Creating but I make them be.

But I have other stories in me as well and I belong to a fantastic group of bloggers here at ChicagoNow all of whom are way more talented writers than I am. They write such great stuff and about such diverse and important topics.  The things they write about sometimes inspire stories of my life to well up in me.  These talented women are then kind enough to let me write a guest post on their blogs.

Such is the story of today’s blog. Katy is the writer behind I want a Dumpster Baby, a tremendously honest, wonderful and influential blog that deals with her gratitude for her life, her babies and her sobriety. Her blog speaks to me because of her talent, humor and humanity. It is very honest, popular and edgy and it reminds me sometimes of the days I spent with my ex husband. I am so very grateful for the life I have now that I wanted to try to throw one molecule into the discussion of alcoholism on her blog. My attempt is to try and just make one person look at their addiction as it affects their loved ones and perhaps change the direction of their life.  This is a link to my guest post which is extremely different from the kinds of posts I normally write about.  You might want to read it. If you do, click here.

If not, then check back tomorrow for my normal quilty sort of posts.

And as always, Sew happy!

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