Karen Nyberg is quilting above us

Quilters are everywhere, they may be right in your home.  (Yikes!) They definitely hang out in in quilt stores and congregate at quilts shows.  They quilt for good causes and the people they love but their image is sometimes not as favorable as it should be.  Quilters rock but not everyone realizes it.  Maybe quilting isn’t viewed as cool because unlike singing or dancing, it’s not something we do in public.  Well, honey, that image is about to change because Karen Nyberg is quilting above us.  That’s right, go outside and look up.  Way up.  That’s where Karen is quilting.

Karen Nyberg has been on the international space station since May 29th and will return home to her quilt studio in early November.  Has that stopped her from quilting?  Nope!  Read her recent tweet.

Spending a little Saturday afternoon down time in my “sewing space”. pic.twitter.com/sQj7RoEWcl

— Karen L. Nyberg (@AstroKarenN) August 3, 2013

And she included this absolutely fabulous picture.  BQxaaosCUAEXsNM.jpg large

Isn’t that just about the most amazing quilting picture you have ever seen?  I could not love it more if it was me.  In fact, I would love it a bit less as I just don’t think I have the skills needed to be an astronaut who quilts.  I am beyond excited that she does have all these skills.  I think it’s an inspiration to us all, because no matter what we do for a living there is also time and a way to include an activity that makes us smile and gives us pleasure, even in outer space.

  Has she tweeted about sewing other times?  Yes, thanks for asking.

She is up in space going about her normal life, washing her hair, doing her work and wishing her parents well.

She is being followed by lots of school children and I adore that as well.  Our daughters and our sons are getting a whole new view of the value of sewing from this adventurous, competent woman who also remembers her parents on their anniversary.  Now there’s a role model for us all!

If you would like to follow Karen along but don’t do twitter, she also has a Facebook page.

Knowing that Karen Nyberg is quilting above us makes me Sew happy!

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Is this my only post about this quilter astronaut?  No, I wrote about her in May before she left.  Check it out.


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