How to reply to any remark

Sometimes people ask me unexpected questions or say a perplexing remark.  For some comments and queries I have an answer all prepared. Will you make me a quilt? No, I don’t do commission work. Will you do this mending for me? No, I have quite the pile of my own, thanks. Will you write a blog promoting my cousin’s business? No, I am sorry I can’t write that kind of promotion post.

But other times, I am flummoxed. My mouth opens but unless someone wants to do a quick dental exam, there’s nothing to do but close it again. How to handle this? Have some prepared answers! With these at the ready you will know how to reply to any remark no matter how intrusive, off the wall or rude it is! Flip through the photo gallery and add these to your verbal bag of tricks.

Being prepared makes me Sew happy!

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Is this my only post that is a photo gallery? Nope, I did one recently I really like on T-shirts. Check it out here.

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