Ashamed to be an extrovert - 7 reasons why

This quilter has been reading lots of  discussion, posting and empathy for introverts lately. The last year I’ve read more about it than in all the previous years of my life.  All this introvert introspection has made me ashamed to be an extrovert and I am going to give you the 7 reasons why.

1. Introvert is the new black.  It’s hip, it’s cool it’s replacing gluten free in popularity.

2. Extroverts are not empathetic. Introverts feel awkward at parties and have anxiety in social situations.  I thought everyone did and that was why they served alcohol. Nope, only introverts.

3. Introverts are the clean energy of the social world.  Apparently the whole world is divided into two kinds of people and the extroverts are the gas guzzlers of the world. We are sucking energy out of introverts, sucking it I tell you! We are relentlessly wanting to talk to them and getting our energy that way.

4. Extroverts are evangelical social beings. I guess extroverts want everyone else to be like them or at least assume introverts want to be like them.  I was under the impression that extroverts were constantly looking for other people who don’t like to talk as much as them so they’ll listen to their stories. Drat, wrong again.

5. Introverts are accused of horrible things. Apparently extroverts have all these negative ideas about introverts. If you thought people basically thought about themselves you are wrong, they are very busy having negative thoughts about introverts.

6. Extroverts are too stupid to ignore phone calls. If you are an introvert, you screen your calls and save energy. Extroverts apparently will talk with any fool who calls them. Extroverts hate being alone. Ever. Hate quiet. Love crowds. Responsible for dandruff.  Ok, I made the last one up.

7. Search characteristics of an introvert, 100,000 + more entries than for extrovert.  Try it. Plus being an introvert has a cool Buzzfeed article.  Extroverts do not.  Case closed.

By now I hope you’ve realized that this is tongue in cheek but I have been reading more about introverts on social media than reality shows.  What is wrong with this world?asunset-on-the-farm_l

I don’t really care if anyone is introverted or extroverted.  In my opinion, most of us are a mixture.  I don’t care how or if you label yourself.  I don’t think of myself as an extrovert because I hate parties. Hate them. I like to stay in and go out.  All I really want to know when I meet people is where did you get that cool fabric?  Yeah, I hang out with a lot of quilters who seem to mainly be just quiltastic.

Seriously, where did you get that cool fabric?

Sew happy!

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Have I written any more blog entries where I try to be funny?  Sure, here’s another attempt.

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