6 DIY Chevron Projects from one 24 Fat Quarter Riley Blake bundle

In June, I decided I needed more chevrons in my life.  I ordered chevron yardage plus a 24 fat quarter chevron selection of Riley Blake fabrics.  I determined that I would use every fat quarter in that bundle.  Why?  Because.  I know it seems whimsical, that’s because it was.  I have tons of leftover fabrics in my stash but but golly, none of them were going to be from this bundle.  Last week I finished, I used all 24.  High Fives for me. (High 24 would be excessive.)  I have blogged about them individually but I wanted you to see all 6 DIY chevron projects from one 24 fat quarter Riley Blake bundle in one post. Phew, that’s a heck of a sentence!  Here we go.

First let’s take a look at that bundle one more time, shall we? rufre2For a while I kept it all bundled up, I just liked looking at the stack of colors and chevron excitement.  I kept it stacked while I used the yardage.  Then I unbundled it, took a picture and decided I had to start somewhere.  Since I had used the yardage for table runners and I like table runners, I went that way first.

tf8re1.  Chevron plus solids table runner.  I love this table runner.  My daughter loves this table runner. I did this with improvised piecing and backed it with some of the yardage I bought.  It is big and took a fair amount of fabric but wasn’t hard to make.  It is really long which made it almost like a small quilt.  You can make it to your own table size easily. I hope you share with me your finished projects. Want to make your own?  Click here and find out how.

2.  Ruffled panties.  I cannot help but smile when I see these panties.  Z was just wearing them the other day. I had to grin and pretend to complain that she was wearing such cute things! If you have a baby in your life you need, seriously NEED to make her these fun diaper covers.rufre9  Check out the blog here. In the post you will see how to order the pattern, it’s worth the money.  However, if you already have a diaper cover pattern that you really like, I think you could just attach ruffles to it.  Little girls need ruffles.  On their behinds. Because the window for ruffle behind wearing is pretty brief, make a pair NOW.

rufre113.  Bibs.  Always comes back to bibs, doesn’t it?  I know what you’re thinking, what no aprons?  Hold on, I still have yardage left and I will do a separate compilation post on those projects.  Plus, the blog post from above?  It’s a twofer, it shows the bibs in there.  But if you need a bib tutorial, click here.  It shows the milestone bibs but you will get the idea, yes?

4. Restaurant high chair cushion.  This is such a useful item. We were all just together in a restaurant after we visited the Bears training camp.  Luckily, zhcEmily had the bag with her where she stored the cover and a bib.  (I think it was even the bib you see here!)  In restaurants we all watch out that baby Z doesn’t suck the table plus she is loving grabbing at whatever else is on the table and then throwing it on the floor.  I also worry a bit about her choking, hey you never know, and Aliens taking over the restaurant.  Just kidding about that last one.  I am just saying it is nice to have one less worry, germs on the high chair.  If you would like to make one of your own, click here.

pc17re5.  School supply bags.  I made these without knowing what I would do with them but they turned out to be perfect for my daughter and school.  And she’s a teacher, not a student.  It just shows you that everyone can use a zippered pouch.  Go make a couple!  Here’s the link, there are 3 sizes shown but you can make any size you want depending on how big of a zipper you have.

6.  Round Table Topper. My last project using the chevrons was also probably the quickest.  It is the one I published pretty recently but the six projects had to have all six projects, right?  Full disclosure?  I do still have a few scraps left of the grey and purple I didn’t use in the improvised piecing table runner but I think that won’t preclude me fromrt7re saying I used them all.  Here’s the link to the table topper post.  If you wanted to make this into a quilted project you would just add a layer of batting and do some machine quilting.  I just really wanted a mini table cloth.  It is folded up and in one of the drawers of the wardrobe next to it.  I hope we use it some time and don’t forget it’s there. My husband however admitted he likes the plain chevron side better!  What?

I mentioned earlier that when I bought the fat quarters I also bought Chevron yardage and I am nearly done with all of it as well.  Chevrons are so popular now that I want to use them all up as opposed to sticking them in my stash.  I just don’t think I will pull them out in five years, I want to use them while they’re hot.  I will keep you posted on when I use up the yardage as well. I know it will be hard to wait but just hang in there!

Sew Happy!

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Here’s a link to a yardage project which is super easy and still uses chevrons.  I have some more yardage left, there are more posts to come on that.

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