12 ways to decorate with quilts

Yep, I decorate with quilts! Quilts are made to be used and enjoyed and not just on a bed. I mean how many beds do you even have in your place?  Or some of your quilts might not even fit your bed. I don’t think quilts should be folded up and stored in a closet.  (But maybe in a cabinet with glass doors, now that could combine decorating and storage!)  I know what you are thinking, how else can I use and enjoy these marvelous fabric heirlooms I own? Well you are in luck because I am here to tell you just that.  Here are 12 ways to decorate with quilts.

As you flip through the photo gallery you might think, hey this lady has a lot of quilts in her place.  Well, maybe not all of these quilts are in my condo.  Fine, one of them is not, just one. I make and give them to my daughters also!

Don’t be nervous that you have to have as many as my quilt palace to decorate with them. You can have less, way less and still create a huge impact.  Even one quilt can soften and humanize a home.  Try it, get out a quilt you have and feature it in a new spot.

I just want to add a few cautions as you do your decorating. When you display your quilts be aware of sunlight.  It will rot and fade fabrics faster than anything.  Consider a shaded spot and even then, if it’s near a window it might get more sun than you think.

Also, rotate and refold quilts, brush them carefully and wash infrequently on a low setting with safe soaps.  Dry even more carefully.  If you are using an Antique quilt, put it in a high visibility spot but low touching.  Never store your quilts in plastic and don’t get them dry cleaned.  Phew, I am done with all the safety issues.

Now go get a quilt and showcase it.  No, wait, first look through  the photo gallery. Let me know what great ideas I missed!

Sew happy!

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