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Quilting challenge plus cheat - part one

I had a uber quilty day last Thursday which began with thread and ended with a quilt challenge. If you missed the post about the thread you can click here so you will be up to date on my terrific day.  And not just for quilts, I got to have tapas with a friend in-between,... Read more »

Confessions from a Quilter

I piece in grey and natural. Yes, you read that correctly I piece in two different neutrals. I am bi-neutral.
I’m a quilter, right?  And quilters are all pretty much the same, yes?  Absolutely no, some of us are different.  Some of us  are actually hiding quilty secrets.  And by some of us, I mean me, just me.  Well, it’s time to come clean! So right here and now, Confessions from a Quilter. After you... Read more »

6 DIY Chevron Projects from one 24 Fat Quarter Riley Blake bundle

In June, I decided I needed more chevrons in my life.  I ordered chevron yardage plus a 24 fat quarter chevron selection of Riley Blake fabrics.  I determined that I would use every fat quarter in that bundle.  Why?  Because.  I know it seems whimsical, that’s because it was.  I have tons of leftover fabrics... Read more »

12 fun facts about Aurifil thread

Last Thursday was a quilty to the max kind of day. I had two fun quilt adventures but I have to tell about them one at a time! Let’s do it chronologically, shall we? That afternoon I headed over to Thimbles, a fabulous quilt store in Lockport, Il to hear Alex Veronelli speak about Aurifil... Read more »

Ashamed to be an extrovert - 7 reasons why

This quilter has been reading lots of  discussion, posting and empathy for introverts lately. The last year I’ve read more about it than in all the previous years of my life.  All this introvert introspection has made me ashamed to be an extrovert and I am going to give you the 7 reasons why. 1.... Read more »

Peapod solves almost all my problems

I love to sew, I adore quilting and anything with fabric and thread is my best friend. I wish I felt the same way about cooking cause I sure do love to eat.  My problem is the process does not light up my brain even though I really want it do.  I cook and have... Read more »

12 ways to decorate with quilts

A quilt on a bed, what an idea! I also have one on the wall and two on the bedframe. And yes, I did look for other ways to have more quilts in our bedroom.
Yep, I decorate with quilts! Quilts are made to be used and enjoyed and not just on a bed. I mean how many beds do you even have in your place?  Or some of your quilts might not even fit your bed. I don’t think quilts should be folded up and stored in a closet. ... Read more »

Life is a quilt, made up of good and bad

Right here, right now I love my life. In the quilt of life I am rolling in the glorious fabrics that you absolutely loved in the fabric store and had to buy immediately. I made a quilt like that for my daughter and most of the fabrics came from Hancock’s of Paducah or were hand... Read more »

DIY Round Chevron Table Topper

We just finished a major redecorating project which we started shortly before the youngest child left for college.  She graduated two years ago so you can tell this was a long project and there are still a few little details we haven’t taken care of.  When we had younger kids in the house, we had... Read more »

Study a world language

Before I was a happy go lucky quilt blogger, I was a Spanish and French teacher.  I loved my job and was passionate about the subjects I taught.  I believe with all my heart that everyone should study a world language.  Let me give you some pragmatic reasons and philosophical rationale to convince you to... Read more »