Why I don't camp - quilter confession

I have a confession to make so I hope you are ready.  I lack the camping gene.  That’s right, this quilter here doesn’t like to camp at all.   I know that you camping fans are booing and throwing things at your computer.  I’m not proud of it but let me explain why I don’t camp.

I  camped years ago in a galaxy far far away.  My parents brought us on camping trips in my youth.  My Mom was pretty excited about cooking over a camp fire.  I wanted to go to restaurants.  We all slept in the same camper with the night air streaming through.  I wished I had been left at home.  My favorite part of that trip was the night it poured rain and we had to stay in a hotel plus eat at their dining room.  Finally!

As an adult I camped with my girls at Girl Scout Camps.  I did it to be a good Mom but does it earn you points when you are counting the minutes until it is over?  I had to use the washroom in the middle of the night.  This involved climbing down from the bunk, getting a flashlight and walking by myself, on the lookout for bears. to the slightly stinky latrine. Did I mention I was walking alone in the dark?

I also took showers on both of these experiences.  Again you walk a fair distance to clean yourself and get completely redressed to walk back.  I know I am missing something but quite frankly I just don’t get the fun.

I prefer to make my life easier not harder and cooking over some fire doesn’t do that.  I like really nice, clean and private bathrooms just for me. Hey, I’ve seen scary camping movies and quite frankly they make me really apprehensive.camp1 And I hate bugs or dousing myself in Deet.  I think I’ve explained why I don’t camp.  Hmm, you’re wondering what do you like to do outside?

What about sewing outdoors?  No thank you!  I like to be super cool while I sew and not fight insects over space on the cutting table.  It’s why I love sewing and quilting – they are Winter sports, Spring sports, summer sports and fall sports!  OK, they are my sports at least.  Sortof sports?  No?

I love travel and family activities.  I like cities, museums and plays.  I really love inside activities with air conditioning.  Admit it, it’s fun to not sweat!

I like swimming pools, concerts and bus tours of new places.  I like new restaurants, old restaurants and quite frankly any experience that gets me out of cooking. I do some other healthy things, in fact, I eat beets on a regular basis.

I have been living with this secret too long, the hidden shame of not being a camper.  I have seen your pictures and heard your stories.  I just would rather go to a quilt store.  Sleep in a hotel.  Have tea in the afternoon.

Don’t hate me! We can sew together just don’t ask me to get up close and personal with bugs, nature and humidity.  However, I will agree to eat a nice meal on a swanky outdoor patio free of mosquitoes or too much sun.  Now that’s my idea of outdoor fun!

Sew happy! But indoors!

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