T-shirts are the story of our lives

Hats are useful and fun, I like them when I am in the sun. They are not as common as they used to be so the expressions we use about changing hats seem outmoded to me.  Let me put on my Mom hat, meh, is that really even meaningful?  I think we all own more t-shirts than hats, well except for people who have all those cool baseball hats. Think of the hats you have and then think of the t-shirts you have. In my view, the T-shirts are the story of our lives.

I like wearing T-shirts when I am home or when I am babysitting.  I noticed all of mine were pretty ratty.  It’s one thing to be comfy, quite another to look, well, homeless. I decided I needed a new collection.  Lest you worry that I was down to 1 or two threadbare examples, let me put your mind at rest.  I have a huge collection of orange Illini shirts but those are my “good” T-shirts and, yes, I do feel silly writing that.  I am grinning sheepishly right now because I save those for game days.  I needed more  casual shirts that Zara could rub her face in and I wouldn’t panic.  I also wanted these shirts to say something about me.  I got quite a few of them from Two chick designs, the others from the NHL and a quilt group.  As I wrote about them I realized I didn’t have shirts that reflected all of me.  You know what that means, right?  More shopping!

Sew happy!

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