Summer sewing projects for the home

Summertime and the living is easy, catchy song title and fun way to live.  You know what I love about summer? Yep, you guessed it, summer sewing projects for the home.  What good is it to sew if you can’t create snazzy items to make the house sunny!

I have two places where I always have table runners, on my kitchen island and on a china storage cabinet nearby.  I like to switch them both around but I hadn’t been able to for a couple of weeks.  We removed Summer sewingre1our carpeting and replaced it with hardwood floors and our decorating style was chaotic dust.   I am thrilled with it but during the process I wanted to hit the fast forward button on the tape of my life.  Anyone invent one of those yet?

Part of the pleasure of finishing the floors was putting out my favorite warm weather runners.  For me, they are bothSummer sewingre3 colorful bursts of smiles.  When I walk by I can hear them laughing out loud and singing “Summer Lovin’.” Or wait,  maybe Summer in the City?  I loved that song in Jr. High, whoa, I am getting off topic.  Focus, Kathy, focus!

Fun table runners like this are super easy to make.  The first one is just from a colorful charm pack.  I always sew them in diagonal lines and they go together just like that.  You could have it made in two hours, tops.   The second is from a kit my youngest daughter gave me years ago.  I added to it and was able to get a table runner as well a small door decoration.  I think you could recreate a watermelon look without piecing the rind.  I did a quick internet search and came up with a numerous juicy options, click here or do your own search.  I love the internet for free quilt block patterns.

Summer sewingre4The small watermelon quilt I used on a desk I keep outside my condo door.  Desk outside the door?  Yep, I picked it up at an antique store when my daughter kept losing her key.  She would sit there and do her homework if she beat me home.  I can do this because my condo door is protected from the elements.   I  have different quilts on it year round.  For this one,  I picked different elements that were summery but ice cream was the first thing I appliqued on.  Why?  Cause we all scream for ice cream, duh!

Want to know the easiest way to get a burst of summer in your home?  Make my absolute favorite sewing item, an apron!  (You were thinkingSummer sewingre2 that or a bib, am I right?)  Get a couple of yards of summer themed fabrics and you’ll have the sun right in your kitchen.

Summer doesn’t last too long so celebrate it while it’s here.  And while I prefer fall weather to summer’s heat, I completely enjoy the colors of summer.  See, every season has its pluses and making things for every one is an advantage of being a quilting/sewing gal.  The other advantage is the glamorous image everyone pictures when you even mention the word “quilter.”

Sew happy!

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