Quilt stores in Indianapolis

This past weekend I was in Indianapolis for a family reunion.  Yay!  Yes…and no.  Sometimes a whole weekend with your family is well, a whole weekend with your family.  You need to break it up a bit and have some fun that is just for you.  I took a couple of hours and visited three quilt stores in Indianapolis and enjoyed each one.  Let me tell you about them and the cool stuff I bought for future projects.

Indy q store shopping 001reMy last stop was my most favorite.  I have never been to a store that is completely geared towards the Modern Quilter.  Crimson Tate in downtown Indianapolis is so fresh it will make your face hurt from smiling. They have a website where you can learn all about them and even order their fabulous fabric, just click here!

Indy q store shopping 004reDid I buy anything here?  Do quilters eat chocolate?  Of course I did.  In fact I got a wee bit carried away.  Fine, way carried away. Heather was the BEST.  I asked if she could just ring it up and not let me see the total charge.  Done!

Both of these 4 fabric groupings are to make, well, I am not quite sure.  But aren’t they justIndy q store shopping 002re terrific?  I adore them, I want to put them in a bowl and eat them with a spoon.  If you have ideas for me let me know in the comments or on my facebook page.

I did buy some projects, not all of the fabric is for some yet to be determined amazing item. I bought the Staple dress pattern I’ve been reading about all over the internet.  I got it for Indy q store shopping 003remy daughter and she didn’t kill me for picking out clothes for her.  I bought 3 yards of the luscious organic cotton to stitch it up for her.

I also bought some fabric for me, yes MOI!  I am going to the BlogHer convention in Chicago next weekend and my husband offered me the use of his Galaxy Note.  I have to make a cool case for it, yes?  Yes!  Heather even opened a brand new shipment for me to find the pattern.  The bottom blue fabric, it’s by Tula Pink, one of my latest obsessions.

Before I spent a mortgage payment at Crimson Tate I also visited Quilts Plus.  It is a veryIndy q store shopping 005re pleasant store and they have a web site, you can click here to read about it. It is a sprawling kind of nooks and crannies store with a fairly traditional selection and the cutest kids’ fabrics ever!  They had a Christmas smock all made up so naturally I had to buy the fabric and the pattern, duh!

The very first quilt store I was able to peruse was The French Seam.  Loved it, read about it here. Indy q store shopping 006reCozy quality with superb fabrics and a slant for garments.  So I can make garments, can’t I?  Yes, I can.  Look at these super fun ON SALE fabrics I purchased to make ruffled skirts for Zara for next summer.

I visited 3 quilt stores in Indianapolis all of which have their own niche.  What they all had in common was super friendly people who worked at each and every store.  Every person was completely accomodating and supported my playing hookey from the family reunion.  I hope to one day visit them all again.  But first, I have to pay off all those charge bills!

I got to have all the fun of shopping and next up, the fun of stitching and creating it all.  Don’t worry, I will keep you posted every step of the way.

Sew happy!

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