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Quilt stores in Indianapolis

This past weekend I was in Indianapolis for a family reunion.  Yay!  Yes…and no.  Sometimes a whole weekend with your family is well, a whole weekend with your family.  You need to break it up a bit and have some fun that is just for you.  I took a couple of hours and visited three... Read more »

Restaurant high chair cover tutorial - DIY

You need two shapes of these dimensions.
Last weekend we had a family reunion in Indianapolis.  My daughter, son in law and granddaughter were going with us and I knew we would be eating out. I decided to use four more of the Chevron fat quarters to make a cover for those restaurant high chairs.  I looked all over the web for... Read more »

10 reasons to attend reunions

Summertime is reunion time, you may have already received a couple of invitations.  I attended my high school reunion last weekend and my family reunion a few days ago.  I am glad I went to both and I think you should RSVP yes to yours. Hear me out! Before you throw it away, let me... Read more »

Farmers' Market in Frankfort

ChicagoNow Bloggers are banding together today to give our readers the best of Chicago in the Summer. We will be sharing our favorite places, events, and summer activities all around Chicagoland. Get ready to experience the most comprehensive list of summer hot spots brought to you by true Chicagoans. I am a quilter and a... Read more »

Shipshewana Winner's Circle 2013

A Matter of time by Judy Alexander won 2nd prize in Mixed Techniques.
When we attended the Shipshewana Quilt Festival, they had a group of quilts in the car museum.  These quilts included the Shipshewana Winner’s Circle 2013 quilts.  I have put them in their own photo album, apart from the main building at the show. If you missed the first photo gallery from the show, don’t worry,... Read more »

Chevron Fat Quarter Ruffled pants - DIY

I think every age group has its advantages.  Older people get retirement.  20 somethings have the best bodies they will probably ever have in their lives. And baby girls get to wear ruffly panties and look fabulous in them.  I am continuing on my self imposed challenge to use all the Blake Riley chevron fat... Read more »

Parenting is like Quilting - 8 reasons why

I am a Mom and a quilter and I find there are lots of similarities between the two.  Hang on, I know one is expensive and lays the bed all day and the other is a quilt but hear me out.  Let’s examine my reasons why parenting is like quilting and see if you don’t... Read more »

Only a Teacher

Last night I attended my 42nd class reunion/mutual 60th birthday party.  We had those four formative years in common and had gathered twice before to swap how that common experience had shaped our lives.  Twenty two years had passed since our last gathering so there was lots to talk about.  Two different people made off... Read more »

Quilt show shopping

I’m a quilty gal.  I like making quilts and looking at quilts.  I love going to Quilt shows where I can see beautiful quilts that I might not ever get to make myself and some, quite frankly, that I wouldn’t want to.  It’s all fun at a Quilt show and there’s another plus to these... Read more »

4th of July bib - DIY

It’s fun to dress up for holidays and even more fun to make a baby look festive, am I right?  You lucky readers who have been following this blog know that every month around this time there’s a new bib to mark a month milestone.  This month is the 7th and what else happens in... Read more »