Best quilt tweets are @QuiltingMuriel

The very first day I joined Facebook, I instantly loved it and  haven’t looked back.  I have a personal page, a page for my book club, a page for my French and Spanish posts and a page for my blog. Phew, that’s a lot of pages.  Like I said, I love it!  Twitter was another story.

I joined Twitter just to see what it was all about and I used it to waste time while waiting.  I would tweet when I was mad or sad and figured no one was reading them anyway. Then I linked my blog with my twitter and I thought, well I better do a better job of this.  I looked for interesting people to follow and found some here and there.  Then I looked for interesting Quilt twitter accounts to follow.  That was a whole lot trickier.  I just kept finding tweets that were linked to FB fan pages and were link dumps or selling things.  So my tweets pretty much matched.  I tweeted when I published a blog and retweeted when my fellow bloggers did.  Meh. I wouldn’t have followed me.

Then I read a Buzzfeed piece on Muriel B. a 94 year old quilter who tweets.  And tweets well.  Darn well! The best quilt tweets @QuiltingMuriel, hands down.  I have been following her for a while and recently I heard Guy Kawasaki speak about his NPR analogy on social media content.  His call to quality reminded me of Muriel and I went back and picked out my favorite quotes of hers from the last month or so.

Dang, she’s good!  And she inspired me to want to be better myself.  So I will tweet on and if I should have a good one, I’ll think, hey, Muriel, this tweet is for you!

Have you found other fun quilt tweeters out there?  Let me know! In the meantime flip through the gallery of 8 of her excellent tweets and why I like them.

Clever tweets make me Sew happy!

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