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French Impressionist Fabric Apron

I taught French for 16 years and those were the Camelot days of my teaching career.  I loved teaching the language and the culture.  My high school was located in the Southern Suburbs of Chicago so we had access to the world class Impressionist collection at the Art Institute.  In either French III or French... Read more »

Barn Quilts of Kankakee County, Il

I love this barn but it is the only one whose owner I couldn't provide.  If anyone knows, shoot me a message!
Quilts are terrific for keeping you warm, decorating your walls and making your loved ones feel your affection.  I completely adore them.  When I found out a few years ago that they were also decorating old barns, I loved them even more.   Then I found out all the benefits of these barn quilts to... Read more »

Kaffe Fassett template free quilt top finished

I love Kaffe Fassett fabrics almost as much as chocolate.  In addition I am a fool for piecing and even more than that I adore finishing a quilt top.  You are not going to believe this but all three of these wondrous events came together yesterday like some sort of fabric sundae with a cherry... Read more »

Comparing sports and sewing

Here in Chicago we’ve been enjoying  a couple of months of Hockey playoff hysteria.  My husband is a huge Blackhawks fan and I am a bandwagon kind of wife. It’s been a lot of fun and has got me thinking about sports.  I never played sports in school for two main reasons; I was there... Read more »

Visiting the International Quilt Festival Chicago

Yay!  The fun is beginning.  Olivia posted this picture to her FB page and tagged me in it to make all our friends jealous.
I can only make so many quilts and to satisfy my need to gaze upon their loveliness, I try to hit as many quilt shows as I can.  Visiting the International Quilt Festival in Chicago can be expensive, last time was when I bought my Longarm!  This time was double my fun as I went... Read more »

Organizing presser feet - quick tip

I love my Bernina 380 with all my heart, it’s my sewing room bf.  At first, I was happy with the presser foot and snap on possibilities that came with my original purchase.  But soon after acquiring my sweetheart I went to the get acquainted lessons.  New feet with clever functions were explained at these... Read more »

Fabric Alphabet toy letters tutorial - DIY

I have probably seen 27,000 ideas in my lifetime that I like and maybe I’ve actually made 157 of them.  I rip out magazine pictures, I save emails, I buy books and I pin.  (True confession, I have never made a single thing I’ve pinned.)  When I saw this fabulous blog post I was so... Read more »

Free quilt Apps for Samsung Galaxy S4

Here's my new phone with its Otter Box case.  My husband's iPad survived falling off the roof of our car and being run over by another car in its Otterbox case.  We are fans for life!  (Yes, that is my Granddaughter's pic on a quilt made by yours truly.)
I got a new phone and quite frankly, it wore me out to change and update everything.  In fact, I still don’t have my Starbucks card loaded.  I know!  But I love my new phone because, well, it’s new and it has a big screen. Really big which makes using Apps even easier. I am... Read more »

Celebrating a Quilter's Birthday

Over the weekend we celebrated my birthday and it was just wonderful.  I am really lucky that all the people in my life try to give me presents that are special and meaningful to me.  In my first marriage I received from my in-laws gifts that were obviously not chosen with me in mind.  The... Read more »

Making fun pics for Facebook pages

Here is another bitstrip cartoon I did.  I think I enjoyed it more than anyone else.
It’s a good thing to have a lot of projects and activities you like to do, yes?  (Please tell me yes.)  I love to sew, quilt, read, swim, spend time with loved ones, do Facebook, sew, quilt (wait didn’t you write those twice?  Yes, yes I did), read, blog and now I enjoy making fun... Read more »
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