Stash or fabric hoarding?

I have a fabulous sewing room with light, wooden floors, a raised cutting/design table and three machines I can use.  If there was a bathroom up in my loft, I could stay up there all day.  I take that back, I would come down to eat and write my blog.   Fine, and do facebook.  Oh, and I need to see my husband.  But you get my point, it’s a cool little spot that is all mine. Up there in my slice of heaven I have more fabric than I will ever use.  Ever.  So I have to ask myself, is this a stash or fabric hore4hoarding?

If you see my sewing sanctuary when it is cleaned up you might be impressed.  Might, unless you knew this picture was taken when we were getting ready to move in the Gammill and everything was all straightened up. Those wardrobes belonged to the two daughters who once called these 400 square feet their bedroom.  Let’s open those doors and see what lies within, shall we?hore6

Oh no, not a general look within, we need a really good look to see if this is a stash or fabric hoarding.

hore1Starting on the left, there is a relatively thin cabinet with project boxes, lots of them, around 20 and a stockpile of charm packs that rivals some quilt stores.  I recently decided to start using up fabrics in this cabinet and two quilts later, you can’t even see a dent.  I will keep working on it!

The other side of that cabinet has flannels, kits, patterns, left over pieces of batting and special fabrics that I want to make sure I don’t hore2just whimsically use.  I made 24 burp cloths using the flannel and it actually freed up a small bin.  Progress!  I also tapped into a package of precut strips recently.  I just need to sew when I am sleeping and I bet I could get through all of this.

hore3Here is an antique shelving unit that I used to have in my living room.  These are projects or quilts for which I have the patterns and fabric, they are just “on deck” waiting to be made.  I also keep my solids here and I have lots of greens and blues after the City quilts I made last year.  I used one of the blues in a quilt this year.  Yes, I do like fabric and I have some fabrics in there which are fabulous, I have been meaning to use them for years!  I swear, I will make those table runners.  Soon. Very soon.  Before the fabric goes out of style for sure.

What is left in my true confession time?  The big wardrobe which is actually the only part of myhore7 awesome stash about which I do not feel guilty.  If you open those doors you see my use them as you want collection.  These are fabrics which were either used in a project already and are left over or were replaced in a project and are now free agents.  I rummage through here when I am making a bib for example.  Anything which I make from these fabrics is a freebie, it costs nothing in my quilty math.

I also have a few piles on chairs which are projects that I am actually working on.  Yes, they are big piles, thanks for asking.  I always have two I am sewing and at least three, fine five, which are absolutely next to be used.

OK, you decide.  Stash or fabric hoarding?

All these fabrics?  They make me sew happy!

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