Quilt e-cards

I adore sewing and quilting and I think they are the best possible hobbies.  (I am sorry for those of you with other hobbies but it’s true!)  However, I fear that not everyone agrees with me.  Shocking, I know!  I’ve decided to make it my personal crusade to make sewing’s reputation cool.  I mentioned this to my step-daughter and she replied, Oh, I thought sewing already was cool.  Yay, it’s working.

As I pondered how to improve sewing’s image it hit me, e-cards.  What is cooler than an e-card?  I immediately made a bunch and they are making their world premiere right here right now.  Step one in the sewing is cool campaign, Quilt e-cards.  Remember you saw them here first!

And as always, Sew happy!

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