Easy Chevron table runner - DIY project number one

I am having a love affair with chevron fabric lately, maybe it is more of an infatuation.  It isn’t a serious thing like I have with blue and white fabrics, it is more of summer loving.  I went ahead and ordered ten, count ’em ten yards of different chevron fabrics so I could indulge this crush.  I am going to sew with chevrons until I have this out of my system.  First up – an easy chevron table runner, so easy you will weep with joy.

chevreHere are the ten yards, four of which are black and white.  I got them all from Fabric.com and I loved them even more in person. My daughter, Emily, has a huge dining room table and her zebra table runner was looking a little tired.  I want to make her two table runners but I started out with the easiest possible one first, natch!

Emily and I spread it out on the table and she eye balled how long / wide she wanted it.  Cleverly I had forgotten to bring pins so I marked the size she wanted with a paper clip.  Her paper clip which came home with meche2re2 and I still have.  Score!

I washed, dried, ironed and used my rotary cutter to clean up the ends and cut off the selvage.  (And no, I didn’t save the selvage, those projects just don’t light my fire.)  I also cut an equal sized length of batting as Emily decided she wanted more of a weight to it.  I think if you wanted to you could skip the batting.

che2re3Next step was to sew up one end and the side, the other side is the fold so no need to sew.  I turned it inside out and ironed it well.  Really well.  And at the end?  Really really well so I could stitch it closed.  I continued that line of stitching all the way around this huge devil!  I followed that up with a row of echo stitching just to make the top stitching a bit more pronounced.

One more pass with the iron and I took it over to Emily’s and put it on her table.  We both really liked it and it couldn’t have been easier.  That was such a success that I want to make a slightly more difficult than this easy chevron table runner next time.che2r7b

Oh, and Emily got a new table runner just because of my new obsession but I still have the paper clip.  I’m smiling.

Sew happy!

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