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Stash or fabric hoarding?

I have a fabulous sewing room with light, wooden floors, a raised cutting/design table and three machines I can use.  If there was a bathroom up in my loft, I could stay up there all day.  I take that back, I would come down to eat and write my blog.   Fine, and do facebook.  Oh,... Read more »

Owl baby quilt - part one

This post is about a owl baby quilt, nothing to do with any restaurant chain so to those of you who clicked on the link in error, welcome.  Sewing is even better than Hooters.  I am making another baby quilt and it is from my favorite book one more time.  But it’s from a new... Read more »

10 ways to know if you're cut out to be a teacher

Before I had time to quilt and sew plus blog about it I was a teacher.  I loved my job especially during graduation time of year when students are ending one level of school and going on to another. Majors and lives are being decided and some will decide, hey I think I will be... Read more »

How to make a laminated cotton high chair cushion - a DIY tutorial

This is my 32 year old high chair that my Mother bought for Emily.
My daughter Emily was born in 1981, shortly before my Mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. During the time period my Mom was undergoing her treatments she went over to Marshall Fields and bought an oak high chair so Emily could eat and be with the family at holidays, etc.  It was an extremely extravagant... Read more »

Kids should take a sewing class - how and why

We signed our kids up for lots of camps and lessons.  Between the 3 girls I carpooled to tennis lessons, basketball camp, gymnastics, cross country, choir, plays, band, track, soccer, French camp, Spanish camp and sewing class.  Yes, all three took at least one sewing class.  Why?  Because we expose our children to a variety... Read more »

Baby Farm quilt - part two

Farm fabrics are a great choice for a baby quilt because they are gender neutral.  I liked the easy way this quilt fell together, not only is the pattern really well designed but I have been making a lot of these!  If you’ve missed the previous post you can read it here!  I am just... Read more »

Why I don't sew for money

I love to sew and make quilts, adore it. My job was and part time still is teaching Spanish and French. Sewing is an awesome hobby, it is definitely not how I earn money and I plan to keep it that way.  I sew for people I love or when I feel like it and... Read more »

Visiting Intercourse, PA

I love Amish quilts and they were my first love affair with solids.  I made two for my living room.
My husband and I always drive on vacations so we can take some spontaneous side trips.  I had always wanted to visit this area of the country and so one summer we did, just like that.  This was one of our best off the highway detours and I hope I can go back one day. ... Read more »

Solids plus Chevron Table runner - DIY project number two

I am not only having a love affair with chevrons but I am continuing my adoration of solids. In addition to buying ten yards of chevrons, I also got a whole array of solids from Blue Underground Studios.  I had already made one chevron table runner that was super easy, it was time to up... Read more »

Easy Chevron table runner - DIY project number one

I am having a love affair with chevron fabric lately, maybe it is more of an infatuation.  It isn’t a serious thing like I have with blue and white fabrics, it is more of summer loving.  I went ahead and ordered ten, count ’em ten yards of different chevron fabrics so I could indulge this... Read more »