Quilt Memes

Quilt memes, yep, I bet that’s a combination of words you haven’t seen before.  I know because I googled them and couldn’t find any quilt memes so I had to make them myself!  What’s a meme? asks the innocent quilter.  I posed that same question to my then college age daughter a few years ago and she said, um, it’s like a popular picture with sayings, different sayings.  Then she just showed me the U of I meme site.  I looked it up in urban dictionary and that didn’t really help.  I think it is the key to making quilting cutting edge hip.  All the cool kids will want to be quilters after we spread these memes around.  I would explain that a meme is a picture which becomes popular and then people use it to put their own quips on it.   Sounds silly but they’re fun, check them out.   Spread these on the internet and quilting will take over Real Housewives for popularity.  (Or, I just felt like making these and sharing them with you.)  Here are my soon to be world famous quilt memes!
Sew happy!

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