Quick baby boy quilt - the sequel

I am in love with babies lately and when I love something, I incorporate it into my sewing life.  Remember the easy peasy baby boy quilt I made earlier?  (If you don’t, you can check out the beginning here, middle here or the ending here.)   I can’t get enough of baby quilts!  So I am working on another quick baby boy quilt and it is just as fun as the first time.

sqrfreHere are the fabrics for this round, also space themed.  I never raised a baby boy but obviously outer space is huge in their lives.  Different color scheme this time and I love both of them.

There is green in the back, next to it is the fabric for the back of the quilt and the front ones are main fabrics.  I used the same pattern as last time and since I made two of them, I practically know this pattern by heart.

I cut up all the strips and kept them separate so I can work on two when that is faster or just one as I get close to finishing.  sq2streWhat I liked about doing two at the same time is that the focus print is only 1/4 yard per quilt.  If I had only bought that amount, I would not have the variety of squares that I got from a half a yard.  So if you can choosing a focus fabric, you might want to keep that in mind.


I made up all twelve blocks and flash pieced the green strips on both sides.

At this point, I started working on just one quilt as I was finishing up with a quilt that was on my longarm so I wanted to have another to put on my sweet Gladys.

I flash pieced the squares onto the red strips, cut them apart and created the strips that went inbetween.sq2topre This all happened so fast, it felt just great.  This was one productive Sunday!

When I got it all put together I snapped a picture of it and smiled.  But a bit more work to do before I could quilt it.

I cut the back, ironed it twice and cut the batting.  When I bought my Longarm it came with a huge roll of batting that has lasted for two and a half years now.  I realized it is becoming a skinny roll.  I have to start looking into replacing that always available batting.

sq2longrezBy the time we ate dinner, the quilt was on the machine, hip hip hooray!

Now I can quilt it but first, I think I will stitch up that other top while I am still feeling so darn positive about this whole second quick baby boy quilt.

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Sew happy!

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