Green quilts and March go together

grez3I love green in general but even more in March.  Not all of my green quilts are Irish but they are all still my favorites.  Yesterday I wrote about how if you fold up a quilt and keep it away, it’s still perfect in twenty years but quilts are made to be loved and used.  I have written previously about quilts I inherited from my Mother made by her Mother and Aunts.  One of them is green and boy has it been loved and used.  It’s about 60 years old and the green borders and some of the blocks are very worn.  I think of all the times my mom washed and used this quilt and that wear and tear just makes it more valuable to me!  Here is a recent picture of it being held up by my husband.

I was “warehousing” it in my sewing room on a quilt rack and I am following my own advice.  I moved it to the master bedroom which is, wait forgrez2 it, GREEN!  Here it is draped over an antique storage chest we keep in there.  We use the storage for Christmas quilts and the surface for putting decorative pillows on that live on the bed during the day.

Do I have other green quilts in this room?  You bet I do!  I have a king sized birds in the air quilt on the bed and a modern city quilt on the wall.  Do I love them just because they are green, no, but it helps!  The bed quilt is hand quilted, the whole project took over a year, way over.  The modern quilt is machine quilted so the whole project took about 3 months.  I love hand quilting and machine quilting, they area different kind of beauty but you sure get to the beauty faster when you machine quilt.grez1

I have another beloved green quilt that I made for my daughter and son in law.  It was their wedding quilt and they got it by their third anniversary!  You know why, right?  It’s because it is king sized and hand quilted.  This was the last big project I hand quilted.  My arm sortof still works.grez4

A green quilt made by my grandmother passed to me by my mom.  A green quilt I made for myself and my husband and a green quilt made for my daughter.  That’s four generation of green quilts around here.  You are right, I better make one for Zara and increase that to five generations.  Sigh of happiness.

Don’t be green with envy, these green quilts ought to give you some inspiration to make your own green quilt.  Let me know if I can help with ideas and I’d love to see your finished project.

Sew happy!

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