Baby quilt made from precuts - finished product

If there is a greater feeling in this world than finishing a quilt, I would like to know what it is!  Fine, winning the lottery, graduating from college, all right I get the idea.  However, out of regular kind of experiences it is right up there.  I think no matter what the goal is, it feels good to reach it, to say “Mission Accomplished!” And baby quilts, oh boy do they deliver that feeling quickly.  I have made quilts that have taken me three years to finish.  (My daughter is rolling her eyes and muttering, don’t I know it.)

prenbreWhen I started this quilt, I wasn’t sure why.  I just wanted to make a quilt with all pre cuts and I did.  Here’s a link to that blog.  I was just quilting it when that post ended.  Here is what it looked like when it came off Gladys, sans binding.   You can even see the flowers quilted into it.

I didn’t overly quilt it because obviously this is not a quilt which I am ever going to enter in any kind of competition.  I am not a competition quilter, I know there are lots of you out there who are.  I think for those who compete in no matter what the hobby or activity is, it must make it more fun, more enjoyable.  For me, it is the opposite.  I would have stomach aches making that kind of a quilt and the quilting, oh my, it makes the quilt unusable in my opinion.  Those quilts are quilted everywhere and are very stiff and hard.  This is a baby quilt, to be drug around, sat on, played on and washed a bunch of times.  OK, done with my competition opinion!

I had a bunch of little scraps left from the border strips.  I decided to use them to bind the quilt.  streYou can see the pile of them here.  I had to add one strip to the pile and at the end, I had maybe 8 inches left.  Whoa!  I love not having leftover strips.  I sewed them together and in some cases, cut sewn ones apart and sewed them to other pieces.  It went pretty fast and I did it all by machine.  This baby quilt will not fall apart!

prcreAnd here is the precut Baby Quilt!  I actually really like it and I wasn’t sure I would.  I started it just as a lark, just to get the idea out of my head.  And for the back, I used left over fabric from Zara’s bedroom curtains.  What the heck, you can see it here yourself!bacre

If I made this quilt again (and I am sure I will make another variation, heck, I have all those charm packs still) I would maybe make it with only five rows of the print.  But with all the rows, it would be perfect for a little girl and a friend or her toys.  And since the backing matches her curtains, I decided that little girl will be Zara.  But don’t tell her, it’s her Easter present.

I hope you get the thrill of finishing that project, meeting that goal and crossing something off your to do list.  Just make it a little easier on yourself, have your own version of a pre cut quilt!  Hey, why are you still reading this?  Go finish your quilt, your birdhouse, your painting or whatever else you are working on.  Accomplish that mission!

Sew happy!

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