Use those special fabrics NOW

All of us have something special we have put away and sometimes that makes sense.  Keep a special outfit for a fancy event, use your new suitcase on your trip or crack open that bottle of Champagne when your child graduates.  But unless there is a specific deadline on the horizon, it doesn’t make sense just to hang onto a really nice item waiting for that perfect moment.  It may never come or, you can just buy another bottle of Champagne.

I had fabrics that I bought in Provence back when I taught French.  I paid a fortune for them and I LOVED them.  They were so darn special, I just couldn’t decide which project was 88fworthy of them.  I bought them in the spring of 1988 with a group of students I adored.  My daughter Emily was on the trip and immediately after buying the fabrics I got back on the bus and drove through the French Alps with my students.  We stopped and took pictures, here is one of the group.  How could I cut into those fabrics which represented such a wonderful time in my life?

rezfqBut that’s crazy!  What good did they do anyone sitting in my stash?  I made myself make two heart quilts with them and even today I display those quilts in my sewing room because I LOVE those Provencal fabrics so much.  I love the quilt even more and if a better project comes up, oh well, I will find another fabulous fabric.

I have a HUGE stash and sometimes it is just because I haven’t gotten around to using all  rezdrfthat I have in there.  Others are too special and I resisting that.  Enjoy today!  Use them now!  Wear your good clothes, put in your real diamonds, use the new dish towels and enjoy today.  I am doing this with my collection of dragonfly fabrics.  My friend Laurie gave me the first one and then I found four more.  Did I really want a dragonfly quilt, well, no.  But I wanted a project worthy of those fabrics.

State of WonderUnexpectedly, the woman hosting our Book of Wonder book club asked me if I could host.  I said yes and looked on the cover.  Do you see what I see?  A dragonfly!  I am going to use those fabrics and maybe book club isn’t worthy of them and maybe in twenty years I will wish I had a dragonfly quilt.  But life is too darn short to hang onto every fabric waiting for the perfect project.  Today’s project is the perfect project.  Stay tuned, I will show you what I make and since book club is March 10th, I better get a move on!

Sew happy!

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