Sewing/Quilting for February - guaranteed to break the February blues

February can be a bummer month if you put too much stock in the romance of Valentine’s day.   For the past thirteen years, I have been so lucky – I have a husband who is the love of my life  but  I spent some lousy Valentine’s days before him, really lousy.  When you can’t rely on a partner, what can you always count on?  I don’t know about you but I have always relied on myself.  I made Valentine’s day good for me and for my daughters when they were younger.  Buy some cards and send them out, or make them!  You will get love and gratitude back from the recipients which in turn will make you happy.  Plus, you knew this was coming, I have always found that sewing and quilting have made me feel better and broken those blues in days gone by.

When I was newly divorced, I made a heart themed quilt for my condo door.  I had moved out of a single family home and chose to make living in a condo a positive for many reasons and one of them was my front door.  It opened out onto a hallway, not the elements, quilt haven!  I resolved to make a quilt for every month and I did.  I wanted to have this one up for hqblmy first happily single Valentine’s day.  Is it my favorite?  Well, no!  But it sure made me happy at the time.  Now that I have one for every month, I can remake some and when I make a new one for February you bet I will share it with you here!

I have always found happiness by sewing for others.  You might like to cook for others or walk their dogs, whatever to get your mind off yourself.  I made this table runner for a friend who was having surgery around Valentine’s day.  I used a charm pack and it took rezheabllike two days.  Heck you could get this done in time for Valentine’s day and make yourself and your home perky.

Have I ever done any Valentine’s sewing which didn’t make me happy?  I have to admit I did.  My oldest daughter saw a quilt catalog around here and picked out a pattern that was paper piecing, or as I like to call it, Satan’s piecing.  I despise paper piecing and it surprises me also.  I just feel like I am sewing on paper lines and ripping them away and it takes all the fun of creation away for me in order to get some sharp points.  Yeah, sharp on the top but a mess on the bottom!  I finished that top, well, fine I cheated a bit and made it a bit smaller.  OK, maybe quite a bit smaller.  But I got it done and it made my daughter happy and I am happy I am did it.  Happy enough to make another?  No way!pphqbl

February can be a tough month, it is only 28 days long but it can feel like twice that.  If other people’s postings on Facebook of Valentine flowers, candy or dinners bum you out, sew something!  Post what you have made and let people be jealous of you.   I did that for years and yes, I added in a little chocolate also!  Soon, it will be March and you can forget about February for a whole year or keep working on your project.

Sew happy – even in February.

Sew happy!

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