Red Heart Quilt - Assembling the top

It is exciting to start assembling the top once the blocks are done.  I had to control myself on this one because I don’t know exactly what happened but I swear, no two blocks were the same size.  I got my new Bernina in the middle of this project so I will blame that for my variance!  Some of my blocks were too big!  I had to trim some, ease some, adjust and finagle it all to fit.  Then when it was all put together I was a bit underwhelmed with the finished product.  It seemed so contrasting, like a sports jersey or something.  It also seemed a bit old fashioned but in a frumpy way, not a good way.  I think I will like it better with a border.  With that in mind, I went fabric shopping and found nothing!  I want something with black and red but some grey to cool it all down however I want the fabric to look modern.  Guess that means I will have to keep shopping!

Check out the nine photos below which show the steps to combining the 12 blocks.  You can use this method for any 12 blocks.  Just remember to use a quarter inch seam and see if your blocks are all the same size before you start.  In the meantime, I have some websites and stores to check out!

Sew happy!


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