Passing on my Grandmother's Quilt

I love having three quilts I inherited from my Mother.  She never sewed but her Mother and Aunts did.  The “talent” skipped her and her story was  she couldn’t practice on the machine Gorman clanrezbecause her Mother was too afraid she’d break it and during the depression they didn’t have the money to get it fixed.  When I learned how to sew in 8th grade home ec class she was practically doing back flips with joy and I loved the positive reaction!  I was hooked for life.  My Aunts had introduced me to quilting back when I was little but from 8th grade to age 30, I sewed but didn’t quilt.  My first quilt class was the same year I inherited my family quilts.  Here is a picture of my Grandmother, back row, and her two sisters.

rezantgqI was photographing quilts for my quilt album and realized I didn’t use the yellow quilt any more, it was just folded away.  My mother had used it to put on the floor when babies came to visit.  She would place the baby on the quilt and we would all watch it be a baby!  I have never used it that way but the fabrics are still very worn.  My Mom had it as part of her “trousseau” when she got married which was in 1947.  I am not sure if my Grandmother made the quilt or her sisters.  Most likely they all had a hand in it but I like to pretend it was just made by my mom’s mom.  I decided I didn’t want to have the quilt in storage until someone inherited from me, let’s make it more visible.  I know fabric is fragile but I don’t think the answer is to just shut the quilts away.

This quilt is primarily yellow and is made up of embroidered squares with green in them.  I would LOVE to know the story of those squares!  I don’t have any yellow rooms in my house but my granddaughter does!  So the other day I brought it over to Zara who is 2 months old.  She was as appreciative as a 2 month old can be, in other words she didn’t cry!rezroq

First I took the quilt I made her off the rocker and put my Grandmother’s quilt on there.  Then I put mine back on.  Zara has layers of love in quilted form.  My Grandmother Catherine made the quilt for my mother Rosemary who left it for me, Kathleen.  I passed it on to Zara Kathleen!  Pretty cool!  And even cooler, I have rezqgrmtwo more family quilts at home.  I will write about them some day.

Now I need to get up to my sewing room and go make some more quilts for future generations to pass along. Sew much fun!

Sew happy!

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