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The importance of a hand written thank you note

I love cards and send them out fairly frequently, sometimes I put a dollar bill or so in one for a young person.  I love buying cards, blank or for a special holiday.  If they are blank, you can use them for any occasion and you can find them for your interests, tastes or hobby. ... Read more »

Robbing Peter to pay Paul - my quilt from the Quiltmaker's Gift

I’ve been sewing since 1966 and quilting since 1983.  Yep, I am that darn old!  My entire sewing and quilting body of work is like a quilt – there are creations that really didn’t work out that well, others that were okay and some that I simply adored but overall they make a nice whole... Read more »

Abraham Lincoln Quilts

When I think of Presidents I think of Abraham Lincoln, as I am sure many others do as well.   Someday I would love to do a whole study on the U.S. Presidents and quilts but on February 12th, it is fitting to focus on the 16th President. The recent movie has once again drawn... Read more »

Rex Reed wants attention so he attacks Melissa McCarthy. Who is Rex Reed? Someone without any quilts.

Melissa McCarthy is from Plainfield, Illinois, not far from where I live.  I think she is really funny and I laugh a lot when I watch her in The Mike and Molly Show.  She is also a plus sized woman which  resonates with me because I am as well.  And we both have mirrors and... Read more »

Sewing/Quilting for February - guaranteed to break the February blues

February can be a bummer month if you put too much stock in the romance of Valentine’s day.   For the past thirteen years, I have been so lucky – I have a husband who is the love of my life  but  I spent some lousy Valentine’s days before him, really lousy.  When you can’t rely... Read more »

Prevent Alzheimers - learn how to knit or quilt

The Chicago Tribune recently published an article which predicts that Alzheimer’s will triple by 2050 as baby boomers age.  Yikes!  Want to avoid being one of the 13.8 million afflicted with this?  So do I! I don’t want that for me nor my family.   And right here, right now I am going to tell... Read more »

Another idea for an apron to sew

I love aprons with all the fervor of a brand new missionary.  I am a fairly aggressive fan, I think everyone should wear one and part of my evangelistic campaign has been to make them and give them away to the people I love.  Why would I want my friends and family to have spots... Read more »

How to make a Valentine's day purse size kleenex cover

I love Valentine’s day, I love getting Valentines and I love giving them.  This year I wanted to make a little Valentine treat for a special group of people who make my life easier.  I decided on kleenex covers.  I make them all the time because I don’t know a female who can’t use one. ... Read more »

Knit cable headband

Last Saturday I went to my local yarn store (Yarns to Dye For & More) and took a two hour workshop on how to knit a headband with a cable.  I really went because I wanted to learn how to knit a headband, I didn’t really care about the cable.  In fact, I was pretty... Read more »