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Use those special fabrics NOW

All of us have something special we have put away and sometimes that makes sense.  Keep a special outfit for a fancy event, use your new suitcase on your trip or crack open that bottle of Champagne when your child graduates.  But unless there is a specific deadline on the horizon, it doesn’t make sense... Read more »

Passing on my Grandmother's Quilt

I love having three quilts I inherited from my Mother.  She never sewed but her Mother and Aunts did.  The “talent” skipped her and her story was  she couldn’t practice on the machine because her Mother was too afraid she’d break it and during the depression they didn’t have the money to get it fixed. ... Read more »

What not to say to a Quilter

Oh you’re a quilter?  When anyone says anything like that to me, I stiffen up and expect the worse.  Here is my view of what happens next! Sew happy! I hope you enjoyed reading this and will keep reading my blog. To do so, type your email address in the box and click the “create... Read more »

Do it, make your first quilt.

I had been sewing for over twenty years when I had my first baby in 1981.  I had this vague idea that I wanted a quilty type covering for her crib.  (Back in the 80’s we put things in baby’s cribs and had them sleep on their tummies.  We didn’t know.  I am so glad... Read more »

More apron ideas

Have you made an apron yet?  What?  I thought I told you how very important they are! Remember the two I made a couple of weeks ago?  Here’s the picture in case you don’t.  Today I got to give them as hostess gifts to two dear friends of Emily’s who had a Meet Zara party... Read more »

Birthday table runners

Now that my kids are no longer having slumber parties at my house, I love birthdays again!  Growing up, I had two birthday parties but this was of course in the dark ages, the 1950’s.  My girls had a party every single year.  And when they were a certain age, they  would be so excited... Read more »

Red Heart Quilt - Assembling the top

We have our 12 heart squares.  Next up, the fabric for the lattice work and cornerstones.
It is exciting to start assembling the top once the blocks are done.  I had to control myself on this one because I don’t know exactly what happened but I swear, no two blocks were the same size.  I got my new Bernina in the middle of this project so I will blame that for... Read more »

12 Heart Blocks for Friendship Valentine's Quilt

I would make two of each heart.
Have you flipped through the heart blocks gallery at the bottom of this post?  Which one is your favorite?  Mine is the very last one, there is just something about the fabric that really pleases my eye. You will notice there are 12 blocks, all different.  I only made 6 of them and my friend... Read more »

Bib for second month of Baby's first year

I am having a lot of fun making the bibs for Zara’s first year.  My daughter loves to post the pictures on Facebook so I will not post them here until after she has done that.  At the very end of the year I think it would be fun to post a final blog with... Read more »

Make your next sewing machine one that can write letters!

Last Christmas my husband got me a brand new sewing machine and I had a few features I really wanted.  I’ve been sewing for 47 years and this was only my fourth machine so I wanted a few things I was used to or yearned for.  I wanted a walking foot, a quarter inch foot,... Read more »