More apron ideas

Have you made an apron yet?  What?  I thought I told you how very important they are!

rezaRemember the two I made a couple of weeks ago?  Here’s the picture in case you don’t.  Today I got to give them as hostess gifts to two dear friends of Emily’s who had a Meet Zara party for her.  (Emily was too nervous to have a baby shower so this was the second Meet Zara party – one by my friend and now a second by hers.  Isn’t she such a lucky new Mom?)  There was a third hostess and I was so excited to make her an apron.  (And not just because everyone should have one.)  She loves the Western part of the United States, specifically Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming.  Cliff and I were out there this summer and I did get carried away with the whole Bison thing and bought bison fabric and some companion fabrics.  Once I got home I was like hmmm, bison fabric.  I was so glad to get to make this apron for Laura.  I used my tried and true pattern as the other pattern doesn’t work for a fabric withrezbuf a definite direction in the print.

I love having fun fabrics which really speak to a person in my life.  When Emily was pregnant with Zara, they called the baby “Tough Cookie” and I found two cookie fabrics which I made into an apron for Emily for Valentine’s day.  In the future, I will make matching aprons for Emily and Zara.  There is no limit to the sewing I want to do.  I just need to find more hours in the day to get it all done!


When you are on a trip and see a special fabric, grab it!  Novelty fabrics are not around forever, you have to buy them when they are for sale.  Don’t worry, you will find something special to create for a dear person in your life.  In the meantime, you will keep them in your stash.

Now go get started on that apron!

Sew happy!

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