Make your next sewing machine one that can write letters!

Last Christmas my husband got me a brand new sewing machine and I had a few features I really wanted.  I’ve been sewing for 47 years and this was only my fourth machine so I wanted a few things I was used to or yearned for.  I wanted a walking foot, a quarter inch foot, an automatic buttonhole feature, a powerful machine that would do my home sewing and piecing.  I didn’t need quilting aspects as I have a Longarm.  And I wanted to be able to write things, not fancy embroidery, just a simple alphabet mode.   I selected a Bernina 380 and I love it.  Even better, Bernina financed it at 0% and it is now all mine, I own the whole darn thing.  Yippee!

I have used all the features I wanted and then some.  (I have to admit, I have not mastered the self threading.  Maybe it’s vanity, I don’t have any trouble threading my needles.  Yet!)  I took lessons on my machine but missed the one on the alphabet feature.  I decided to teach myself because as I make the months which mark Zara’s progression through her first year I wanted to be able to write M O N T H S underneath the big numbers.  I really should have gone to that lesson because it took me a couple of hours to read the manual, try it out, screw it up, think I rezmohad it, learn it but spell the word wrong and then finally master it.  I have a picture of the word on her 4 month bib but it is a bit blurry but you can get the idea.

Big deal, you are thinking, what else could I use that for?  Fine, I have mainly used it for bibs but the other day I wore my dark blue Lands End pants when I thought I was wearing the black.   And I did it twice in one week!  I decided to write   B L U E in the rezblwaistband.  And I did and it’s terrific, simply terrific.

Enjoy your machine and your new one, see if it can’t write for you!

Sew happy!

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