Birthday table runners

Now that my kids are no longer having slumber parties at my house, I love birthdays again!  Growing up, I had two birthday parties but this was of course in the dark ages, the 1950’s.  My girls had a party every single year.  And when they were a certain age, they  would be so excited about the party that they would make me crazy.  I liked the little birthdays with family or even the whole kindergarten class to McDonalds for an hour but those Jr. High parties?  There were too many hormones and beauty products.

Birthday celebrations are much more low key now.  It doesn’t mean we aren’t glad you were born, we are, we just are calm about our appreciation.  A family dinner, a few gifts and some delicious birthday cake make up most parties now.  I have a special plate for the cake or cupcakes from my favorite pottery in Louisville, KY, Hadley Pottery.  And of course, I have some birthday table runners to make the day even more festive.

bdayrunnerThe first table runner I made was from a kit that I got at a quilt show, it made a huge table runner which was perfect because I made it for my dear friend Vicki who lives in WI and has a over sized dining room table which can handle a big runner.  When I gave it to her I told her that I wanted her to use it and use it, bring it to the park for grand-children’s bday picnics, have good birthday memories with it.  I know she has used it at least once because it was on her table for me when I was up there on my birthday.

I found another pattern and made two table runners for myself and my daughter.  Sometimes I put it the island and put the birthday cake and treats around it.   I also have a birthday table covering, you can see it in the picture.  rezbdOne time when I was up in LaCrosse visiting Vicki I found this smashing birthday fabric at my favorite quilt store, Olive Juice Quilts.  I bought all they had and made an apron plus a cover for the table from it.  Having some great fabric and just hemming up the ends is a great way to perk up a table without making a whole tablecloth.  I just throw mine over an everyday table cloth which picks up one of the colors.bday2rez

If you look at both runners, they have in common great fabrics, cake and presents.  None of the designs is tricky, just fun.  If you have some colorful scraps and a good base fabric, you could create your own easily.  When you do, make sure you put it out for your birthday also.  It will look good when you return home after a great meal at a restaurant!

Sew Happy!

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