Bib for second month of Baby's first year

I am having a lot of fun making the bibs for Zara’s first year.  My daughter loves to post the pictures on Facebook so I will not post them here until after she has done that.  At the very end of the year I think it would be fun to post a final blog with all 12 bibs!  I have made all the way through number 5 but today we will talk about #2!

Zara is two months old in the second month of the year, February.  I wanted to do the bib in the traditional red and white of Valentine’s day but Emily had a particular outfit in mind for her to wear so she asked me to make it in pink and brown.  I just happen to collect pinks and browns, it started as a friendship quilt project which has stalled so I do dip into that stash when I absolutely have to have some pink and brown.  This one is little girlish, I think you could make it for a boy with red, white and black.  My husband searched for images of 2 for 2mbib2me until we found one we liked and we used picture reszing in Paint to get the size we wanted.  Here is the number 2 bib with the word M O N T H S stitched below the number.

heartbrez2Last month with #1, I just put the number on it.  This month I wanted to have something on the back so that next year when Zara is eating real food, she will have a pile of bibs ready to use and not have to feature numbers.  I folded a piece of paper and cut out a heart using the tried and true elementary school method.  I trimmed it down.  Both the number and the heart I used a very close zig zag stitch to make sure that appliqué wasn’t going anywhere.  To make sure that the gap I used to turn the bib inside out would never be open again, I used the heart stitch on my machine.  I am pleased with the reverse side.

Zara wasn’t in the happiest of moods when she turned 2 months old but she was happier on Valentine’s day just wearing the bib. Either way, I love her having a very original way to mark z2each month milestone in her first year plus a bib supply building zherrezup. I can make two bibs in an hour if I don’t have the decorations but doing the appliqués doubles the time so make sure you allow yourself plenty of time to make them in advance. Oh and it also helps if your husband will put in the snaps for you!

Sew Happy!

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