Abraham Lincoln Quilts

When I think of Presidents I think of Abraham Lincoln, as I am sure many others do as well.   Someday I would love to do a whole study on the U.S. Presidents and quilts but on February 12th, it is fitting to focus on the 16th President. The recent movie has once again drawn attention to a time period in his life but quilters have long been interested in Lincoln, the Civil War and Quilts of the Underground Railroad.  All of these are fabulous areas of study but in honor of his birthday, I am just going to discuss quilts which honor him in some way.

I am lucky enough to live in the Land of Lincoln where his Presidential museum is located.  If you ever have the chance to visit this superb site, grab it.  Within the exhibit there is a cabin LincolnMuseumwith a reproduction of the kind of quilt he would have had.  There is an entire book dedicated to how this project took shape and allows you to make one of your own.  This is probably the most documented of the Lincoln quilts.  IMG_9859

There are women across the United States who have made Lincoln quilts.


Quilters have made quilts to raffle off and raise money or simply to honor the man.


If you have ever made a quilt, you know what homage this is to pay to someone.  A quilt is a huge undertaking and shows the love that people still have for him.  Movies, books, currency and quilts all are testimonials to the important role he played in the USA.

Happy birthday, Mr. President.TheLincolnYears

Sew happy!

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