What to do with all those little pins you collect? A pin quilt!

If you are anything like me (and I am really hoping you aren’t, for your sake) then you have a bunch of little pins you have gotten over the course of your lifetime.  I guess I am thinking there will be some sort of checking up process (What, you don’t have your Spanish National Honor Society pin?  Banished from polite society forever!)  And yes, I do have my Spanish national honor society pin and other equally important pins from High School.  What did you ask?  Oh, I graduated in 1971 and yes, I realize that is over 40 years ago.  But you just never know, now do you?

rezpatI have other pins from, you guessed it, college.  I was in a sorority until my senior year and upon my deactivation I was supposed to surrender my pin so of course, that is my most prized possession.  You might think the pins slowed down as the number of honorary societies available outside of an educational institution are somewhere limited.  But you would be wrong, I kept getting pins, for giving blood, working, whatever.

Until a couple of years ago these pins were still in their little cases or plastic sacks.  I confessed my pin addiction to a quilting friend who sent me the perfect present, a Pin Quilt pattern.   I liked the look but I wanted different colors and no foundation piecing.

This is why I love sewing, you can solve so many needs with a quilt!rezpin   I made it up in a jiffy and here is what it looked like when I got done, in a photo taken with a flash.  The pinks are a bit too bright.

Then I discovered that there were lots of quilting pins that I could buy to add to my collection.  And pins from places I visited!  It is super fabulous!  Here is what it looks like today in a photo taken without a flash so the color is overall, a bit too dull.  But you get the idea!rezpint

I think you could use any small block quilt for this purpose, in fact, I substituted a small block that I liked better when I made up the pattern.  Make one of your own and get that pin collection organized, or what the heck, start one!

Now I just need a quilt for my button collection!  Good idea!  Did I tell you I also have a collection of political and funny buttons.  Oh, you’re not surprised?

Sew happy!

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