How to make a bib for first year month markers

I like sewing things and I like making things that are just a little different or why else bother making it yourself?   I love making items for my granddaughter and I noticed those monthly photos on Facebook.  Everyone seemed to have the same month stickers from Etsy which are cute but why not mix it up?  I also wanted to make bibs for Zara so why not combine the two?  Make a bib with the number of the month on one side and then she can use the other side just as a bib!  Plus, as she isn’t eating anything right now it would give me a chance to get a little stockpile of bibs.
I started with two bib patterns.  You could also trace a bib you like.  The first pattern is at least 20 years old but hey, bibs are pretty eternal.  No matter what pattern you use, close the bib with a snap.  Ties are too annoying and velcro is useless, Emily used to whip hers off and twirl it around like a stripper!
I cut out a front and a back plus one in batting. I made it in a January winter type fabric and found a block number 1 on line.
I satin stitched the number 1 on the front.
Once that was done, I pinned all three layers together making sure the batting section was on the bottom.  (Ahem, I may have messed up once on this layer on a bib!)
I stitched it up, leaving a gap for turning it inside out.
After turning it inside out, I pressed it.  Now I have to close the gap. I used a decorative stitch that looked like a snowflake to sew it shut and decorate the whole bib.
Then Emily put it on the cutest one month old ever!  I can hardly wait to make next month’s bib!

Sew happy!

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