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Quilter's New Year's Resolutions

Have you been reading all those New Year’s resolution lists? Whoa! I read them and think, really? You are going to organize, sew, quilt, sleep, exercise, relax, eat healthy while learning a new language with all your new friends? Or maybe you will just feel bad about yourself when these resolutions don’t happen and then... Read more »

How to make burp cloths - a DIY project

When my children were babies I used cloth diapers for burp cloths. When they were no longer burping they made excellent dust rags. I am not sure where they all went and why but gone they are. In my head I have always carried this 1970’s image of a prefolded diaper which I found on... Read more »

Sewing some winter decorations

Christmas is over. It’s December 26th, we all made it through alive. Can you hear that sound? It’s the silent sound of have to, gotta and pressure over. When I get to this point, I turn on my Christmas decorations like a fickle girlfriend with a few two many martinis under her belt. Red and... Read more »

Super quick last minute homemade gift idea

It’s the Eve of the Eve which means it is too late to really make a cute handmade gift, right? Actually no! A friend of mine gave me such a cute handmade gift that I had to share the concept. She made me a loaf of honey/beer bread and printed out the recipe which she... Read more »

Homemade Christmas stockings are the best

In another lifetime I made really fancy quilted Christmas stockings with a Lands End pattern. I no sooner got those done then we got divorced. The girls and I kept using them until I remarried. Then I made everyone new stockings with complicated appliques on them. When my daughter got married I made her and... Read more »

Cleaning up your desk space

You’ve seen my fabulous new office but not the new wonderful desk and having a messy desk in the kitchen is what motivated this whole room redo. (Well, that and the fact that we were afraid what was living in the chaos formerly known as Shelby’s bedroom.) Here is my tiny pigsty that used to... Read more »

When a child dies - sharing my grief story for those in Newtown, CT.

Yesterday’s horrific story of violence and murder shook all of us throughout the country. We cried, we hugged our loved ones and we felt compassion for this town, this school and most of all these parents. For some of us, the compassion was a bit more, it was empathy as we remembered our own grief... Read more »

Everything you ever wanted to know about Thread/Spool Cabinets

Last summer on a visit to Kalona, Iowa I fell in love. Hard… With thread cabinets. Somehow until then I was woefully ignorant of their very existence. Luckily we were photographing Quilt Barns in the area when I spotted a building with quilts on it. Wouldn’t this catch your eye? “STOP the car” I called... Read more »

Full length drapes for our new Home Office

We live in a two bedroom condo (plus a loft) and one bedroom has been occupied by my youngest daughter since we moved in. We decorated it when she was a sophomore in High School and she enjoyed the heck out of her sanctuary. Then she went off to college and the room became less... Read more »

This quilter is a grandmother

I am coming back to reality now after over a week in the land of bliss. What makes a quilter so happy? Becoming a Grandmother, that’s what. Yes, Zara Kathleen was born on December 2 in the wee hours of the morning. At first we were visiting the new family in the hospital and then... Read more »
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