Gift ideas for the quilter or sewer in your life

Ah, the holidays are upon us and many of us are going to be buying gifts. If your family hasn’t gone to White Elephant or gag gifts you might be buying a gift for a quilter or a sewer, you lucky dog! How to decide what to get her?  A lot depends on how much you want to spend and how well you know this quilter or sewer.

The first thing I would do is call the quilt store or fabric store this person frequents. If she is a good customer, a small shop will probably know what she wants or may even have a wish list started for her. If you don’t know what that store would be, that’s OK, I am here to help you out!

If you want to knock their socks off (and spend a bit of money)

1. Do they have a Bernina? It’s the best machine out there in my opinion. My husband got me a 380 last year and I LOVE it. It’s the kind of gift you have to get financing for if you catch my drift. However, we bought my stepdaughter a Bernette, same manufacturer but costs a fraction of a full fledged Bernina and is a great place to start. Here’s a picture of  my Bernina and my Horn chair, both fabulous!
2. A Featherweight – this is a secret lust item for every quilter. They can vary in price depending on the shape they are in. It’s a cute little Singer made small for when metal was being rationed and they are sweet little machines. I bring mine when I leave home to sew at workshops or my daughter’s house.   My husband shocked me with one a few years ago. If they already have one, consider a table for it. See the look of delight on my face the Christmas morning I got mine?
3. A super iron – I am hoping for an Oliso TG 16– Smart Iron Pro will find its way under my tree this year. I am replacing an equally expensive iron. You need it when you sew or quilt.
4. A horn sewing chair – I love mine so much I got one for when I am using the computer. (They also make cabinets.)
5. You might want to consider other nifty sewing Antiques –  like an old treadle machine for example.  I even got a lamp one year made from an old Singer.

Around a hundred dollars

1. Is your quilter a longarm quilter? Buy her Red Snappers – I just got a set and they save your fingers when you are loading a quilt on the machine.

2. Does your quilter have any back or hip pain? I cured mine by buying an Ergonomic Sewing Set includes Tilt table and SureFoot System, I even got a tilt table for my Featherweight. I will be doing a whole post on this later in the week.

3. An Ott light for every place she sews. It will only save her eyesight, no biggie. I have one by machine and one by my chair downstairs.

4. Gingher sewing shears plus embroidery scissors – the designer series. They are exquisite and the best ones made, period.

Under Fifty Dollars
1. Gingher sewing shears without the matching embroidery scissors. Every serious sewer or quilter needs at least one pair.
2. One Ott light.
3. A sterling silver thimble.

Around twenty five dollars.
1. A square acrylic 12 1/2″ ruler. Combine it with another super rectangle template or ruler if you find a good deal.
2. Ruler rack for all they already have of #1 in this section.
3. A Fiskars comfort grip Rotary cutter (Olfa and Gingher make nice ones also)
4. A specialty foot for her sewing machine

Around ten dollars or under
1. A gorgeous Polymer Clay seam ripper
2. A Fons and Porter Ergonomic seam ripper
3. A spool of Aurifil thread, my favorite thread in the whole world’
4. Extra bobbins for her machine and one of those clever rubber circles to put them all in.
5. One gorgeous yard of 100% cotton fabric in her favorite color
6. A Nifty Notions Brass Seam ripper

There are also fun quilting t-shirts, stationary and calendars. You can look for all of these great gifts on any search engine or ask me for a more specific location for your idea.

I know I love it when people try to find me a quilting gift, it shows they take an interest in me and aren’t giving me some generic food gift. Just remember that Quilters love gadgets, fabric and thread most of all.  I am also the luckiest woman alive because my husband has gotten me so many super gifts on this list!  I have a feeling this Christmas will be equally fabulous!

Sew happy!

I hope you enjoyed reading this and will keep reading my blog. To do so, type your email address in the box and click the “create subscription” button. My list is completely spam free, and you can opt out at any time.

Interested in this year’s gift idea post? Just click here for even more ideas.

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